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The Benefits of a Complete Design-Build Signage Process

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In a design-build project, a single team completes the project; from design to fabrication to installation. A completed design-build team has major benefits.

With a non-design/build approach, the client first works with a designer or architect, then sends the design to a separate fabricator. This relationship doesn’t always work in the client’s best interest, because neither entity is 100% responsible. This often results in needless delays and can result in errors.

Design-build solves this problem, which is why we offer it. Here are the benefits clients see as a result:

Lower Total Cost and More Accurate Budgeting

With a design-build signage process, your initial estimate tends to be more accurate. That’s because there are fewer unknowns when a single supplier is handling the entire process, so miscalculations are less likely.

On top of that, we find that the overall cost of the signage process is lower. Since there are usually fewer steps and fewer people involved in the process, there’s less overhead. Given total control over the project, an experienced design-build signage provider can also find ways to save you money by applying deeper expertise.

Streamlined Scheduling and On-Time Delivery

When separate firms are handling the design, fabrication and installation, bottlenecks pop up. It’s inevitable, even with competent teams. This affects the budget, but even more importantly, it affects the delivery timeframe. Like cost estimates, time estimates are more difficult to make when there are more people and steps involved.

Things go more smoothly when a single experienced team is responsible for the whole process. In this scenario, people spend less time communicating back-and-forth and waiting for results from various silos. This makes it possible for the whole process to move faster with fewer delays.

On top of that, you as the client have a single point of contact for your project. This reduces the kinds of miscommunications that cause costly delays.

Better End-Result

Having a single point of contact is not only better for timeliness and your budget; it’s also better for quality. Working directly with you on both the design and build makes it easier for us to see your company’s “big picture” vision and bring it to life.

In our own experience, we find that customers are often happier with the end result when we’re able to take them through the complete design and build process step by step because there’s a deeper collaborative understanding and better communication.

Reap These Benefits

We’ve been doing design-build signage for years, and our customers love the prompt, budget-friendly, high-quality service.

Contact us today to learn more!

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