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When it comes to education, signage has the power to transform not only a school building, but a student’s educational experience. Like most signage trends, signage in academic settings has seen a shift in terms of materials used, manufacturing techniques, and ideas of how school signage should function. At Metro Sign and Awning, we use the latest technology and educational trends to create functional and beautiful signs that improve the educational experience for both students and faculty.

Electronic Messaging Systems (EMCs)

The majority of schools today have at least one electronic messaging system in or outside their building. These are one of the most prevalent types of signage seen in the educational field today because of their incorporation of the latest technology and the ability to communicate a message effectively. EMCs provide a way for schools to display dynamic announcements, logos, mascot images, and other graphic elements in display boards that can be set in either a monument sign of real or simulated masonry. As we move further into the future of technology, EMC graphics and displays are only getting more advanced with things like double-sided displays, full-color, and higher resolution.

Directional, Wayfinding & Other Types of School Signage

Directional and wayfinding signage are important architectural aspects of the educational experience. These types of signs can be found inside as well as outside school buildings. One thing to keep in mind with directional and wayfinding signs is that they need to be ADA compliant. Metro Sign and Awning are experts at creating signs that meet the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that are designed to match the theme of your building. These types of signs, with the advent of new manufacturing techniques like heat-formed acrylic, are becoming more durable and affordable.

Screens & Awnings

Retractable screens and awnings are a popular choice for many academic and athletic buildings at schools. They provide protection, shade, and an aesthetically pleasing look. Screens and awnings made with durable materials can last academic institutions for years to come. Adding these features to an indoor or outdoor area can create a versatile space that can be used for multiple purposes.

In February of 2018, we broke ground on an exciting project with Deerfield Academy. We worked in collaboration with Sasaki Architects and Skanska in support of signage, graphics and branding at Deerfield Academy’s Athletic Facility. In addition, we created and installed a retractable screen system for their new tennis pavilion.

Retractable screens are not “traditional” signs, but in fact are functional structures – architectural elements, really – that also serve as signage, in addition to their other specific and practical uses.

Whether it’s an electronic messaging board, directional signage, retractable screens or other branding graphics, signage has the power to transform schools and education. Metro Sign and Awning is committed to bringing high quality, durable, branded signage to schools and academic institutions in the Boston area. To learn more about our academic signage services, contact us.

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