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Awnings and Enclosures Make Versatile, Functional Business Signage

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Metro Sign and Awning’s insight:

Awnings protect your customers from the elements, offer energy-efficiency by sheilding your building from the sun’s rays and the blowing wind, and when designed by professionals, they offer eye-appealing signage that will grow your business.

Metro Sign & Awning's Insight
Although they're not necessarily the first type of signage that comes to mind, awnings, canopies and enclosures can communicate your brand and function quite effectively in many of the ways that traditional business signs do.
Smart designs, durable and good-looking materials, and high-quality graphics can turn awnings into signage that is effective in more ways than one. They also have added benefits of providing extra convenience, comfort, and/or accessibility to a place of business.

Awnings, Canopies Offer Energy Savings

Often overlooked, but a very welcome “by product”of adding an awing or canopy: extra insulation. High-quality, well-designed awnings and canopies measurably reduce heat gain and loss from windows and other outside surfaces.
Many of our clients have included those energy savings when completing their ROI calculations in their budgeting process.

Curb Appeal, Comfort Factor

In addition to their visibility and aesthetic appeal (not to mention high-visibility surfaces for your business name and logo), the practical nature of these versatile“signs”welcome customers, too.
An awning or canopy can offer an overhang to stay out of the rain and a welcome buffer against the wind
Enclosures, of course, also bring an opportunity for increased revenue, specifically, by -
  • Increasing useful space, particularly during less-than-ideal weather. Awnings and canopies open up opportunities to increase revenue in what might otherwise be unusable space. Whether it’s increased seating for a restaurant or bar or an extended entryway for a hotel or theater, durable awnings and canopies increase the space that truly serves your customers.
  • Welcoming Customers. Awnings and canopies are like a practical “welcome” sign. Underneath their cover, your customers are protected from beating sun, blowing wind and driving rain. They also provide a virtual buffer from traffic and street noise.
  • Make the Old Look New Again.  Awnings and canopies provide color and design interest to otherwise non-descript storefronts.
Have you considered an awning, canopy, or other fabric enclosure as a way to increase your business’s useful (even profitable) space? Get in touch with us, as we’d love to show you some of the innovative, practical, and beautiful awnings and fabric enclosures we’ve created, and let you see just how they’re paying off for their owners.
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