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Sign Regulations to Encourage Creative Design

We know how tricky it can be to meet all the requirements and regulations that signage involves – and we have seen how flexible and reasonable sign regulations make it easier to deliver creative and aesthetically pleasing signs that meet clients’ needs. When that’s not the case, such as when requirements or regulations are outdated or otherwise seem at odds with good design intent, business or safety, informed discussions with local officials can result in variances, compromises, and most importantly, the best and most effective signage for everyone.

The earlier that a signage package is incorporated in the signage process, the faster potential problems can be identified and addressed. Many (most) regulations are valid, and good communication between principals, project managers, and municipal officials is the key to ensuring that the client gets the best signage, and that there are no last-minute surprises.

Project-Management Solutions for Building Owners and Developers

We know how difficult it can be as a developer to manage several different projects at once. That’s why at MSA, we provide project management solutions that result in a successful project completion and risk mitigation.

Our experienced Project Managers understand what’s important to our clients (and their clients) at each stage in a development. From planning and concepting to fabricating, approvals and the installation process, Metro Sign & Awning Project Managers keep everything on track.

Our partners seem to value our experience, as evidenced by this testimonial we received from a Skansa Project Manager:

The project team we were assigned were all great to work with. The whole process, from submittal to install, was very fluid. There was an open communication between Metro, FMA and Skanska which, I believe, was a large contributor to the overall success of the project. In the field, your install crews were professional and came prepared to do the day’s tasks. They asked questions and ensured the signs were installed to suit the Designer’s intent. Overall, my experience with Metro has been very positive.

Thank you all for the hard work!

While we love hearing positive comments like this, we are not content to sit still, rather, we strive to improve our operations so our clients can continue to rely on us.

Over the past several months, we’ve been implementing more Lean principles and techniques into our process. We’re seeing the benefits internally, and hearing from clients that they are seeing some too. Read more about our project management process here, or contact us to discuss your development projects and find out how we can work together to ensure your branding and identification signage is all you envision.

Designing for Human Behavior: Details Contribute to Safety, Successful End Results

“Provide highly visible signage at all points where occupants have a choice in direction…. Many architects follow long-standing best practices when designing commercial buildings. However, studies conducted in the wake of the 9/11 attacks revealed something disturbing: Best practices are based on computer modeling. And computer models are based on the assumption that people will behave in a logical, predictable manner in an emergency.”

Phillip Tutor: A Whopper of a sign in Anniston

There’s a new Burger King going up in Golden Springs, Anniston’s over-the-mountain suburb. Everyone’s seen it. There’s a giant playground. There are trees and landscaping. The sign itself, however, makes for a Whopper of a story.

Commercial Signage is Always on the Job

From Berlin to Boston, typography helps signage share the message

Sign Ordinances Affect Full Scope of Planning and Design Process

Attend a Planning Board meeting almost anywhere and you may be reminded of the catchy 1970s song lyrics, “signs, signs everywhere a sign.” In fact, much Planning Board business revolves around local sign ordinances…and how they are interpreted in light of the US Constitution.

Text Walking and Distracted Pedestrians – can better signage help?

The dangers and accidents from text walking. Navigating and wayfinding in the presence of text walkers. Text-only lanes for pedestrians? Hello, 2018.

Creative Car Graphics and Vehicle Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

Realtors, local sales reps and small businesses can turn their cars and delivery vehicles into attention-grabbing mobile billboards with vehicle wraps, graphics or decals for memorable advertising and branding impressions in a local market territory A vehicle marketing strategy for your local business could be as simple as using inexpensive door magnets and decals, or as specialized and…

Attract guests with outdoor dining, year-round

Patios aren’t just for summer. With heat lamps, cozy blankets and fireplaces or fire pits, restaurants can capitalize on additional seating any time of the year.

New Research Available on Healthcare Wayfinding

The specific and at times tedious information in this report reminds us why we enjoy our jobs, and why we are so committed to each and every part of the signage process. Few projects highlight the importance of getting it right like wayfinding for a large medical campus. Even when signing a single medical building, the details that must be included in the planning process number in the hundreds – at least. The end result, however, is worth it – signage that matters and makes getting there as clear and easy as possible.

While interior wayfinding, or directional signage, obviously shares the same goals as exterior wayfinding projects, a different set of details must be addressed. Whether inside a hospital or medical campus, in a school or other public building, or a corporate headquarters, those details include branding and message management, maintenance, ADA compliance, and safety factors.

Download the report for a great overview of wayfinding, and call us with questions at (978) 238-0211. We’d love to help you with your next project!

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