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Convert Your Existing Signs to LED Technology – Part 2

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Convert Your Existing Signs to LED Technology – Part 2

Last time, we discussed some of the benefits that make LED illumination such a great option for signage, much better than the neon or fluorescent tubes currently in use in so many existing signs.

This time, let’s assume you’ve been convinced to consider a switch to LEDs. Here’s what’s involved in making the changeover:

Simple Conversion Process

The first step is to see what you’ve got right now. Our crew comes to your location(s) and inspects your current signage. We’re interested not only in the design, but the physical sizes and shapes where illumination is required.

We not only measure each linear run of lighting, but we also look at the sharpness of the bends and curves.

Almost any existing neon or fluorescent sign can be converted to LED lighting, but the mechanics of the retrofitting process – how many LEDs? how will they be physically affixed to the sign and fed power? how bright? what colors? and so forth – must be planned in detail to conform to the internal and external structure of the existing sign.

With all the relevant details noted, our crew can then fabricate the necessary “retrofit” components in our shop.

It takes about a week later, more or less, to obtain any special order materials, fabricate any custom pieces, and put together the required components to retrofit your existing sign.

We can then load up the truck and visit your location(s) to make the conversion.

Because of the way we structure and plan the retrofit process, your sign stays lit, stays in service throughout the retrofit planning and implementation process. Most of the physical retrofitting can be completed in a single day. But even when more time is required, the process goes remarkably quickly, which helps keep your costs low.

When we’re done, your signage begins a new phase of its life: lighter and brighter than when it was new, but now with far lower maintenance and operating costs. Because LEDs are inherently less prone to problems and take far longer to “wear out,” your signage provides greater reliability, too.

But the real difference will be in your signage’s enhanced attention-grabbing power, which will work to bring in extra business for many years to come.

Retrofitting with LEDs Is Surprisingly Affordable

We can convert linear signs, single- and double-side box signs, and sign cabinets, too. Because the internal LED components that will illuminate your sign give us great flexibility in fabrication and installation, most retrofits can be completed at remarkably low costs, with no extras and no hidden costs.

Once installed, your new LEDs will cast a bright, unwavering light using as little as 20% of the power your current sign consumes.

Maintenance of your new LEDs is equally inexpensive, with rated lifetimes up to 50,000 hours – four times longer than neon or fluorescent illumination.

How much longer are you going to tolerate that old, unsatisfactory signage? Call 978-401-9270 today to find out about converting your existing neon and fluorescent signs to LED technology.

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