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Apartment Branding: Everything You Need to Know

Find out what it takes for your brand to be recognized and remembered with our comprehensive guide to apartment branding.

Solar Powered LED Sign Lighting Systems with Floods or Internal LEDs

Commercial solar LED sign lighting systems manufactured in the USA by SEPCO providing a great solution for businesses, cities, communities, HOA signs.

9 Green Signage Tips You Can Use to Wow your Clients

When it comes to maintaining or upgrading business signage, one thing many business owners often fail to realize is that “going green” can be a great way to get better signage for less money. Retrofitting your existing signage to accept new, cooler-burning LEDs is just one example of how reworking an old sign can improve a sign’s appearance, effectiveness, and cost. Download the white paper to learn more about how you can upgrade your business sign for cost savings and environmental benefits.

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Green Signage

There’s a lot of talk about “green” these days because many firms are jockeying to position themselves as environmentally conscious and more “green” than their competitors. The signage industry can be a major partner in this effort. To help bring you up to speed, here are 5 things you probably don’t know about “green” signage: 1. Signage can help a facility gain LEED (the US Green Building Council’s “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”) certification. For example, interior signs crafted from certain materials can provide credits toward LEED certification. 2. Upgrades to signage can provide big environmental benefits at major savings, compared with total replacement. Refurbishing old signage saves money and eliminates the use of new material (that doesn’t have

The Technology Behind Color-Changing LEDs

LEDs have become commonplace in our modern society. We see them on our smartphones. They illuminate many different indicators on our appliances and in our cars. Soon, they’ll be illuminating your home and your workplace. They work so well, in fact, that lately we’ve begun retrofitting all types of exterior and interior signage with them. Aside from their brightness, long life, and power-saving nature, one of the most exciting attributes is their ability to change color. In point of fact, however, no single LED actually does change color. What the human eye perceives as a color changing LED is actually a group of LEDs housed together, and packaged with a tiny computer that controls their operation. In the usual configuration,

Convert Your Existing Signs to LED Technology – Part 2

Convert Your Existing Signs to LED Technology – Part 2 Last time, we discussed some of the benefits that make LED illumination such a great option for signage, much better than the neon or fluorescent tubes currently in use in so many existing signs. This time, let’s assume you’ve been convinced to consider a switch to LEDs. Here’s what’s involved in making the changeover: Simple Conversion Process The first step is to see what you’ve got right now. Our crew comes to your location(s) and inspects your current signage. We’re interested not only in the design, but the physical sizes and shapes where illumination is required. We not only measure each linear run of lighting, but we also look at

Don’t Gamble, Just Win with Your Signage

Several Metro employees were at Twin River Casino in Rhode Island last week, but they weren’t rolling dice or playing slots (at least, that’s not why they went). They attended the New England Sign Expo as Metro representatives, sharing experiences, tips, and trends with hundreds of other signage professionals. Signage Professionals: Sharing Knowledge, Signage Expertise Our employees returned with quite a haul of new knowledge, which they’re sharing with everyone here. Hosted annually by the Northeast States Sign Association (NSSA), the Sign Expo offers educational demonstrations and seminars (in addition to some fun social activities!) and this year, much of the focus was on LED and digital signage. Green Signage Scores (Another) One for the Planet Of course, we’ve worked

Variety, Experience Give Metro an Edge (3 downloads)

At Metro, we consider ourselves lucky to work on a wide variety of different projects. We take pride in selecting the right materials to craft the signs our clients want, need, and have envisioned. Whether the client is a design/build firm, a general contractor, or an individual business owner, whether it’s interior or exterior signage, whether the job site is around the corner or three states away, we truly enjoy the variety we have in our work. While reviewing some of our products and looking through our portfolio offers an overview of what Metro Sign & Awning does, these three downloads provide a little more insight into some of the work that goes on here. Residential Building Signs: Exterior &

All Signs Say “Home:” Overcoming Technical Challenges in Residential Design

Bridgewater-based Callahan Construction Management came to us with a challenge: Actually, several hundred of them – of varying sizes.   Maxwell’s Green, an exciting “lifestyle amenity center,” needed interior and exterior signage to suit its style and budget – all designed and fabricated according to architectural specifications, installed in time to appeal to prospective tenants, and beautiful and sturdy enough to look good while performing well in the bustling apartment complex.   Rustic Style, Seamless Appearance   The first big challenge was Maxwell’s Green exterior sign:  a 24-foot-long, curved metal sign, with watercut letters and backlit with LED illumination. Because the architectural drawings called for a rusted, industrial aesthetic, Metro Sign & Awning designers knew Cor-Ten steel would be an

Share Green Benefits and Attract More Business: Green Signage Tips to Wow Your Clients, Part III

Share Green Benefits and Attract More Business: Green Signage Tips to Wow Your Clients, Part III When it comes to business, one thing to note is that an increasing amount of consumers are being considered “green consumers.” What this means for business owners is to try and implement eco-friendly methods and materials into their business and most importantly convey this message to the potential consumers. In June, we introduced our free white paper , 9 Green Signage Tips You Can Use to Wow your Clients, which highlights environmentally friendly practices you can consider when investing in a new sign and tips to help you use these practices to your business’ advantage.. You can download the version appropriate for you: Architects, General Contractors,

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