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Good Sign Design & Approval Process a Win for All

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A story about a business owner from Atascadero, CA who was willing to go to court over a sign caught our eye earlier this year. Temporary and unconventional signage can be a sticky area for businesses and government, one that’s costly for both.

Whether it’s retail or wayfinding signage, the ultimate test for any sign from a user standpoint is, “is it helpful?”

Municipal authorities try to strike a balance between the needs of business owners, area residents or visitors, and the general public safety. It’s not an easy thing to do.

Sign Design, Permitting and Approval Process

Whether designing a new sign or updating an existing sign, reviews and approvals are almost always necessary. And who enjoys being told what to do? The key to getting a sign that is aesthetically pleasing, effective for your business, and approved for your location is to understand the overall rationale.  Local governments aren’t “anti-business,” but they do need to balance the needs of residents and business owners and ensure that their local ordinances are not at odds with federal and state regulations.

From size restrictions to energy usage to light pollution to safety requirements, getting the sign your business needs can be a frustrating process. Our designers, fabricators and project managers work together in the design process to ensure permitting and approval goes as smoothly as possible. In most instances, we shepherd our clients’ signs through the whole process.

If you have questions or concerns about how regulations may affect your new business sign, or would like to discuss design options to maximize your business’s visibility while ensuring your signs obtain approval, contact us. We can help.

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