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That big sign outside your door – it’s more than just a nameplate for your business. It’s even more than a landmark for local citizens giving directions, or an iconic image of your business. It’s an investment – pure and simple.

And like all investments, it produces a return … a return that smart business owners and managers naturally want to be able to quantify.

Until now, however, calculating the return on signage investments was rarely attempted, and difficult to complete.

That’s no longer true. As of right now, calculating the return on your signage investment has become a piece of cake.

That’s because we’ve built and made publicly available our proprietary Return on Signage Investment Calculator at To make it fast and easy to use the Calculator, we’ve already pre-programmed it with data concerning street traffic, electricity costs, warranty costs, maintenance costs, and other key parameters – each of which you can nevertheless adjust to better reflect your particular business and signage situation.

Just take a minute or two to fill in the blanks and our Return on Sign Investment Calculator cranks out totals not only for your actual signage costs, but also for estimates of how much your signage contributes each year to sales, and how much the signage nets out to – as a profit or loss – over its service life.

The Calculator also computes and displays comparisons of signage expenditures with other forms of advertising and with other forms of business investment – both of which demonstrate that signage typically turns out to be the least expensive form of advertising there is. Something we think will prove extremely interesting to dollar-wise business owners and managers.

Of course, our Return on Sign Investment Calculator is just a “first take” on these numbers. More detailed and accurate analyses can be performed, so we’ve added a space where business owners and managers can contact us to more thoroughly examine the financial returns they can anticipate from investments in new or upgraded signage.

Building the Calculator seemed to us a practical, straightforward way to help business owners, developers, architects and building managers understand and recognize what a great bargain most signage actually is. It is a natural outgrowth of our work, and we are happy to contribute it – free of charge – to the signage industry.

We hope you’ll try our Return on Sign Investment Calculator soon. And when you do, we’d love to know what you think of it.


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