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How to Determine the Right Sign for Your Business

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What is the best way to establish a significant and differentiated presence for your business in the market, one that attracts and retains customers? A big part of it is branding.

An effective marketing strategy includes branding and reflects your business’ identity and values. And one of the best ways to establish your brand’s identity is through signage, especially exterior signage. A useful way to further your marketing engagement, signage will help you to convey your business message better and reach a bigger audience.

Signage can play a vital role in creating awareness about your business and brand and help you reach customers, but this will happen only if you choose the right sign for your business. First impressions count, so you must make a good first impression with your sign. At Metro Sign & Awning, we have the people to guide you through the process of choosing, fabricating, and installing the right sign for your business. And most important of all we provide the highest quality custom signs and awnings to cost effectively meet the unique requirements of your business.

Branding with Signage: The Options for Your Business

When choosing a sign for your business, make sure that it can maximize your advertising and aesthetic values, get your business noticed, and also support your company goals and brand. With these considerations in mind, here are some types of exterior signs that can enhance your brand while being both visually appealing and functional.

Free-Standing Signs

A versatile way to identify your business is freestanding signs. They work tremendously well for businesses and shopping centers with several units. The biggest advantage of these signs is that they are highly customizable to your signage and budget needs. Learn more.

Channel Letters

Commonly used as exterior signage on businesses, especially retail business, channel letters are large individual letters that help a business to create brand recognition. Since various options are available for channel letters, it can get hard for a business to choose the right font, size, color and lighting options for these signs. The good news is that Metro can guide you through the process to make selection easy. Learn more.

Awnings & Enclosures

Awnings and enclosures offer an economical way to add outdoor seating to restaurants and entertainment spots: instantly expanding your revenue base. Additionally, by protecting your storefront from getting hit by direct sunlight and overheating, awnings can help your business save money on energy costs too, providing an impressive return on investment. Learn more.

Blade Signs

One of the best ways to attract foot traffic into your building or business facility, blade signs are wayfinding markers mounted perpendicular to the wall. Exterior blade signs are fantastic attention-grabbers and it’s hard to go wrong with them. Learn more.

Architectural Signage

Custom designed, architectural signage is fabricated signage that compliments and enhances architectural elements (i.e., buildings and grounds). There are three requirements for fabricating a successful architectural sign system: the right design, high quality materials, and working closely with partners (such as architects and general contractors). MSA can ensure all three for your business. See Metro’s portfolio.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are clear and easy to read signs and serve as an effective way to grab attention and guide people to your business. Metro can help you choose the right dimensional sign letters that fit your style, budget and purpose. See Metro’s portfolio.

To learn more, please read Choosing an Exterior Sign for Your Business

Calculating the Cost of the Sign

When choosing signage for your business, one of the most important things that you’d want to do is calculate the cost and return on investment of your preferred sign. Metro helps you do that with a Return on Sign Investment Calculator.

MSA Can Help You Choose the Right Sign for Your Business

At MSA, we have what it takes to manage your projects and make your signage experience beneficial in more ways than one. We can work with partners to handle large projects with diverse requirements for signage. And, if required, we can brainstorm your project and come up with the right answer for your needs. We welcome you to view our portfolio to see further examples of what we can do for our clients.

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