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How to Right-size Your Signage Project

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Signage projects, whether big or small, can involve multiple moving parts. As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is deal with a complicated and difficult signage project. By right-sizing your signage projects, you can reduce headaches and end up with a signage project that saves you time and money. Metro Sign and Awning prioritizes lean management as a method to manage your projects and make your signage experience as smooth and cost effective as possible.

Metro Sign and Awning implements lean management practices because they help us achieve the four Lean goals:

  • Improve quality
  • Eliminate waste
  • Reduce time
  • Reduce costs

Lean management practices allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality products and fast service all at a low cost. Lean management is only one method Metro implements to help our clients right-size their signage projects. Read below for more ways we utilize our project management team to help you get the signage project you need.

Defining Project Objectives

The Metro management team works closely with you to get to know your project objectives at the beginning of every new project. We’re interested in hearing your goals and your vision, so that we turn your designs into a reality. Having a clear understanding of your project objectives before we get anything started ensures that we’re on both on the same page and helps avoid bumps down the road.

Product Discovery and Prototyping

As part of our design and production process, Metro drafts designs and creates prototypes that you can work with at the earliest stage of the project. By preparing a prototype at the beginning of the process, you can see how your design objectives translate into reality. From there, a MVP (minimum viable product) is only steps away.

Developing the MVP

A minimum viable product is created shortly after the prototype is done and the design is finalized. We are just as excited as you are to have the finished product on our hands and put together to be able to test the sign’s main functionalities. Metro uses only the highest quality materials and features to create a perfect sign for your business.


With the completed MVP in hand, Metro works diligently to install the signage projects according to the type of space you’re working with. Whether it’s an ADA compliant sign, interior, exterior, or a series of branded signs, Metro’s signage experts have the experience and knowledge to install your signs so that they are both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Working with Partners

We were honored to be given the opportunity to provide the signage for the brand new MoCo Arts facility in downtown Keene, NH. We worked in collaboration with the MacMillan Company on both the exterior panels and interior ADA signs. By implementing lean management techniques, the Metro team was able to help MoCo right-size their signage project and have it completed in time for their August 28th ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Right-Size Your Signage Project

At Metro Sign & Awning, we ensure that our clients are involved in the signage project process every step of the way. That being said, we never bombard you with unnecessary steps or procedures involved with the project. Our goal is to eliminate all the “waste” associated with signage projects, thereby reducing time and costs. Our lean management specialists are highly trained and experienced in right-sizing signage projects and saving you time and money.

To learn more about how you can right-size your signage project with Metro Sign & Awning, contact us today.

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