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How Your Business Will Shine in 2017

As we close the books on 2016, we are grateful for our wonderful staff, exhilarating work from our clients, and the opportunity to continue to draw attention to Boston-area businesses and those throughout New England.

The fact is, after all these years, the signage industry still excites us. We’re constantly amazed by the many ways signage can enhance a business, how exterior signage can attract new customers, how interior signage can improve the customer experience once inside (therefore, improving things for the business, too).

In 2016 we worked with many business owners, property managers and general contractors who all shared the same goal: they wanted their businesses to shine! Sign illumination is one of many facets of the industry that changes constantly.

As 2017 unfolds, we’ll share stories from some of our customer’s signage projects explaining how they retrofitted existing signs to be more attractive, more noticeable, more energy efficient, and safer. Sometimes, a simple relamping project (replacing sockets, ballasts, and bulbs) can accomplish all of those things. In other cases, a little redesign and some new fabrication is required.

If you’ve got a signage project on your plate in 2017, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re just entering concept/design phase or your sign project is further along, we can help. Metro is a full-service commercial sign and awning company, with a fully equipped sign manufacturing facility and very experienced, talented designers and fabricators. Take a look at some of our work, and get in touch.

We’ll be here through the rest of 2016, and ready to work with you the minute 2017 arrives.

Here’s to a great New Year!

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