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Intuitive Wayfinding Design Unveiled at Children’s Hospital

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Browning says one of the most compelling aspects of the project was recognizing that the previous concourse was adding stress to users’ experiences. “We definitely improved the intuitiveness and added a calming sense,” he says. Furthermore, he says the project’s architectural language will be used when the main concourse is extended to connect to the new critical care building. In fact, designers have already started developing the addition’s wayfinding cues, starting with its animal character: a giraffe.

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The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) has grown a lot in recent years. While this was a good thing, the wayfinding signage for the hospital’s main concourse hadn’t been designed for this scale. As a result, 3,000 outpatients and their families arriving daily ended up in a stressful situation, struggling to find their way among a patchwork of mismatched designs. So, CCHMC leadership approved a makeover of the hospital’s wayfinding signs, art, graphics, and positive distractions. The results, recently unveiled, are excellent.

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