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National Amusements is committed to providing the ultimate entertainment experience in theatres around the world under its four cinemas brands – and that ultimate experience includes modern, exciting signage. Metro has worked with National Amusements to rebrand inside and out.

Interior Signage conveys branding for Showcase CinemaInterior Signage conveys branding for Showcase Cinema

Ensuring the brand identity is consistently carried through all interior and exterior signage is important – and making sure the signage is bold, beautiful and attention-grabbing is just as critical to the theaters and property managers.

During its long-standing relationship with National Amusements, Metro Sign & Awning has provided interior and exterior signage for several of its theaters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

Last year, Metro crews worked in Lowell to get all the interior signage installed before ticket sales started for the all-important Thanksgiving weekend shows.

Read about the interior signage at the Lowell location

Bold and New, Beautiful Brand Shines Through

The letters appear black during the day; at night the letter faces are white with blue outline halo lights.

The large exterior signs are attention-grabbing day and night. And while their size alone is noteworthy so is the long list of intricate details that go into creating such a sign.


Intricate Fabrication, Little Details Define Big Sign

Custom-brushed stainless steel interior signage is something theater-goers don’t consciously consider when enjoying their theater experience, but myriad details, such as tiny perforations in the vinyl that allow light to shine through, and safety reinforcements that improve construction but aren’t visible in the finished product, are extremely important to sign fabrication and quality.

While the details aren’t important to customers, they make all the difference to how the XPlus theater brand appears.

The quality of fabrication also matters to the owner and property managers, as well-made signs last, look better longer, and require less maintenance than signs that are not so well-made.

If you’re planning a rebranding or need signs that better reflect your company brand and image, we can help.

Metro Sign & Awning works with companies in New England and nationwide to ensure their signage investment is well-spent. We understand that branding is important, and so is return on investment. Need new signage that puts you and your brand in the best light?

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