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ROI Payback From Your Mobile Signage – Put Your Vehicle Wraps to Work

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We’re all used to seeing cars and trucks – not just on the road, but in magazine and newspaper advertising and on TV commercials – with their plain-wrap “native”paint jobs. So it’s no surprise when any vehicle wrapped with vivid graphics and text advertising stands out and gets attention.

The American Trucking Association, for example, claims that 90% of the people it has surveyed actively notice advertising wraps on vehicles they see, and 80% of them remember the products advertised on those vehicle wraps.

That’s one of the big reasons wrapping your business vehicle(s) can produce very gratifying returns on your investment (ROI).

Another reason is that advertising-wrapped vehicles regularly collect 600 to 1,000 impressions for each mile they travel. Those numbers go up when the vehicle traverses busy city streets and highways. Although raw mileage is important, remember that vehicle wraps attract just as much attention when parked.

Generally, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America has found that a single vehicle wrap can produce from 30,000 to 70,000 impressions each day, and that these impressions tend to increase a company’s name recognition much more than other advertising media. While the cost per thousand impressions, or CPM, of other advertising media can be $23 for newspapers, $18 for TV, and $2 for billboards, the CPM of vehicle wraps averages about $.77, but can drop as low as $0.35. Obviously, the lower the CPM, the higher the likely ROI.

(Your own CPMs may vary. When your wrapped vehicle carries a GPS system, it’s easy to research the demographics of the people who view it.)

Note that a well-done vehicle wrap costs little or nothing to maintain and operate, so its ROI generally increases over the years.

Because they keep your business’s logo and message moving, rather than leaving them stuck on a billboard or building, vehicle wraps are a great way to drive your message into specific areas. Where stationary signs are tightly restricted or entirely disallowed, vehicle wraps may be the only way to penetrate.

Extending Your Advertising Reach

Although it works great on its own, vehicle-wrap advertising can also extend the reach of your other advertising, as well as increase variety or frequency. Strategic use of your wrapped vehicle(s) can even add punch and pizzazz to your company’s special events.

One key to great ROI from vehicle wraps, of course, is professional-quality design and installation. No matter what the message, when the wrap itself is poorly installed it looks bad, gives a negative impression of your business, and requires removal or replacement far sooner than normally expected.

Another essential for a high-ROI vehicle wrap is a great design that makes maximum use of the vehicle’s front, side, and rear perspectives.

We have the training, experience, and the specialized tools to apply the wrap material correctly. But we also know how to flow the graphic and text elements into and around any vehicle’s underlying shape to maximize your wrap’s attention-getting and impression-giving power. (See some examples of our customized work in our Portfolio.)

For example, how many vehicle wrap vendors recognize that the back of your vehicle is likely to be seen by people following in traffic? That makes it the perfect showcase for detailed messaging that wouldn’t work for a typical “drive by” impression.

In addition, the front of the vehicle – with its large windshield area – seems to offer limited messaging space. Yet with clever design, the front wrap can grab attention a few seconds earlier, setting up oncoming drivers and pedestrians to better observe and absorb the vehicle’s main messaging.

To paraphrase Mark Twain: doing vehicle wraps right is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

In our experience, vehicle wraps are a cost effective way to leverage the money you’re already spending to keep your business vehicle(s) on the road, and maximize their ability to bring new customers.

How many vehicles are in your fleet? How much more income could they be producing for you? Give us a call and we’ll happily walk you through the numbers you can expect from your vehicle wrap ROI.

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