OK – for all of you in architectural design/development who understand the importance of OSHA Safety on various job sites, let’s just put it out there. Couldn’t the uniform be a bit more creative? I mean, the medical industry has a vast array of “scrubs” to choose from, and we’re left to our standard white construction hats, denim jeans, and tan-colored steel toe work boots.
Well, being in the field of architectural design and creative design engineering, we just knew there must be a solution to help express our creativity and individuality on a job site without forgoing safety. After a bit of Googling, we found some pink Safety Girl Boots which meet OSHA Safety Code with the steel toe protection, and it only got better from there. Our Paint Department (thanks, Peter Nolan) painted a hard hat to match. Our Vinyl Department (thanks, Julie Gianni) threw in a partial wrap, and … voila …. a female expression of OSHA Safety capturing our team and my individual name. The outfit will be complete with a trip to AC Moore for some jewels to bedazzle my safety glasses. Now it’s time for the rest of the team to get geared up.

What do you think? If we’re this creative with Safety Gear, just imagine how creative we can be with architectural design!

All kidding aside, we do get great reviews for our work, not only because we are able to bring creativity to the projects, but also because we are highly experienced in working with permitting, regulations and the like. Be sure to check out some of our creative work in New England, and please contact us if you’re looking for a long-term signage partner.