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Signage Scam Stresses Small Business Owner

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Signage Scam Stresses Small Business Owner

If you can’t trust your sign-maker, who can you trust?

That’s what Shay Kindle, owner of a do-it-yourself workshop in Lubbock, TX, is wondering after a run-in with a sales rep who scammed her, big time, on what should have been a simple, affordable, and effective signage project.

In May, 2013, Shay found herself targeted by local representatives of Signtronix, a national company. The smooth-talking sales rep proposed to fabricate and install an electronic sign to promote her business, Pinspired, which is conveniently located on a high-traffic corner lot.

Intrigued, Ms. Kindle listened carefully while the shady operator waxed poetic about how Signtronix wanted her business so bad it would discount the cost of the sign by half. Aware of Lubbock’s strict rules regarding signage, she pointedly and repeatedly asked the sales rep about the sign’s size, location, and other details, and – satisfied with the answers – felt relieved that the necessary city permits would all be arranged for her at no charge.

After the sales rep returned with “good news,” that Lubbock had supposedly agreed to all the parameters of the new sign and its location, Ms. Kindle signed a contract and wrote a check for $3,000 – not to the company, but (with Signtronix’s approval) directly to the sales rep.

That’s when obstacles began to appear, as reported by the local NBC news affiliate, KCBD.

By July, the sales rep had informed Ms. Kindle that the sign’s originally proposed location was no good. It now had to be sited eight feet farther from the street. Unfortunately, that placement would have entailed tearing out a metal fence she doesn’t own and blocking a driveway she uses every day.

Ms. Kindle says she decided not to go forward with the revised signage plan, and tried to retrieve her deposit from Signtronix, which refused on the grounds that she had paid it directly to the sales rep. Ms.
Kindle has now hired a lawyer and is preparing to sue. But she is still out the $3,000 and her business isn’t benefiting from a new sign.

No Sad Stories with Metro Sign & Awning

It’s not guaranteed that you will run into trouble, like Ms. Kindle did, if you try to work with other sign companies. But it is guaranteed that when you work with Metro Sign & Awning, you will be fully protected against any and all such problems.

First, our guarantee is triple the norm in the sign business: our minimum Gold Warranty lasts for three years instead of the one year that’s standard throughout the industry.

Second, for a few dollars more, you can step up to our Platinum Warranty, which covers your new sign “bumper to bumper” for an astounding five years – assuring that your new sign works flawlessly for your business without hassles or worries.

Third, our unmatched reputation is built on excellent products and outstanding service. Ask any of our customers, or visit our Testimonials page to read what they’re saying. Here’s just one example:

“The build-out and grand opening of our new flagship Gymboree Play & Music center in Arlington was on an incredibly tight time-line. Metro Sign was with us every step of the way, and ultimately was able to meet our expedited time table. Our signage and awnings were in place and installed in time for our grand opening event!

I just can’t say enough about both the high quality of workmanship and the first-rate customer service we received. When it comes time to open our next location sometime next year, I plan on having Metro Sign right there with me!” – David Mitchell, Gymboree

Please take a minute and talk to us next time you’re thinking about repairing, upgrading, or adding any kind of sign. Why take a chance with your business?

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