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Super Bowl Spots vs. Commercial Signs: The Winner is…

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Quick, what was your favorite 2013 Super Bowl commercial?

We’re asking because a 30-second spot in Super Bowl XLVII cost between $3.7– 4.0 million.

So, one month after the Ravens shocked the 49ers, what comes to mind when you recall those much-ballyhooed commercials? We’ve talked about ROI– return on investment – before. If Super Bowl advertisers got their money’s worth, those commercials would have to be indelibly etched into your memory.

Just remembering a commercial isn’t the point of advertising, though. So the next question is, did you buy something because of one of those commercials?

A good sign, of course, makes a lasting impression for far less than a Super Bowl spot. When you consider the number of exposures they provide, most commercial signs offer better ROI than radio, television, print, phone book, and online advertisements.

Commercial signs not only announce your presence in the market – and on the street – they also reinforce your brand and serve as a visual reminder that your business is there, 24/7.

Our experienced designers and fabricators work with a wide variety of materials and in some challenging places, and yet always manage to deliver the signs our clients envision – signs that get noticed and direct buyers to act, stop in your business, and buy.

When you want your message to make a 30-second splash, there’s always next year’s Super Bowl. When you want to make the right impression, one that lasts, and brings you customers every day, we’re here for you. And we should mention, if you would like to spend $3.7-4.0 million on a sign, Metro is the company to call!

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