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That’s a Refreshing Sign! New Balance Leaves Footprint on Parks

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That’s a Refreshing Sign! New Balance Leaves Footprint on Parks

Now we can say we left our footprint along the Charles River! Well, not our footprint, exactly – it’s actually the mark of Brighton’s favorite shoe manufacturer.

We were absolutely tickled when New Balance asked us to create a few “footprints” for some of the water fountains they’ve provided to various Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation park sites. While New Balance wasn’t angling for extra outdoor advertising when the company donated the fountains, it was important that the signs look good and hold up extremely well in the environment. Even though the footprints weren’t designed to advertise the company, they had to represent the company and its brand in the best light.

While it wasn’t the biggest project we’ve done, it’s one we especially enjoy talking about. After all, how many companies get to say that they helped New Balance put its best foot forward? Well, that’s our story (wink, wink) and for now, we’re sticking to it.

On a little more serious note, we truly appreciate all New Balance does for the Greater Boston area and for runners everywhere. If you haven’t stopped for a refreshing drink at one of the new park fountains yet, maybe you should.

Watch our Facebook page for photos of the installation along the Charles River, on Soldier’s Field Road.

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