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Metro Sign & AwningACRYLITE® LED Signs Light Up Your Business Success

ACRYLITE® acrylic by Evonik Industries is a truly innovative improvement on the traditional polycarbonate, aka acrylic, structural material. It’s the preferred modern choice of architects, designers, engineers and fabricators of indoor and outdoor signage. The lightweight, rigid yet malleable material performs equally well with LED, fluorescent, incandescent and neon light sources.

ACRYLITE® acrylic has many superior characteristics:

  • Outstanding weather endurance
  • Flexible and easy to form
  • Colorfast for no fading  
  • Easy installation
  • High optical quality
  • Extended life
  • Lower operating cost
  • Recyclable
  • Impact resistance and stability
  • Energy efficiency

Here’s a brief introduction to some of the most popular products:

ACRYLITE® LED Color Changing Backlit

Since shop signs often glow around the clock, energy-saving designs are highly prized. Illuminated signs made with this product appear black by day and brightly-lit at night. The acrylic passes any color of light, enabling channel letters and sign faces to be matched to specific brand colors.

ACRYLITE® LED Diffused Sign Grade

This acrylic sheet has optical properties that evenly diffuse light and hide LED hot spots. The frosted texture provides a surface that camouflages fingerprints and scratches, increasing the length of time signs in high traffic areas remain attractive. Specially formulated for LED sign faces, it offers maximum weather resistance and impact strength.

ACRYLITE® LED Light Guiding Edge Lit

Specifically intended for backlighting graphics in ultrathin frames, this acrylic sheet features transparent light diffusing particles. By accepting light through its edge and redirecting it to the surface, a bright and uniform illuminating effect is achieved. Different grades are engineered to evenly light a wide range of sizes. Acrylic colors perfectly match the colors of LED lights.

Metro Sign & AwningACRYLITE® LED Sign Grade

Superior strength and a service life up to ten times longer than standard acrylic makes this an intense impact resistor. This additional strength minimizes breakage during fabrication, installation, shipping and storage. This product is easy to fabricate and possesses excellent light transmission, diffusion and colorfast properties. It is covered by a 30-year, non-yellowing warranty for colorless and white sheets.

ACRYLITE® Digital Print

Engineered for today’s UV flatbed digital printers, this crystal clear acrylic sheet has enhanced adhesion properties for UV curable inks. No need to settle for inferior wall casing to ensure excellent adhesion. It also eliminates the cost of adhesion promoters and other complex surface preparations.

ACRYLITE POP Touch Glare Control

When the job calls for directional signage with legible lettering, non-glare acrylic sheet is the best choice. Non-glare properties render signs clearly visible in less-than-optimal lighting conditions. The textured matte finish is ADA compliant for non-glare signage and easily worked for Braille engraving.

If you like the look of ACRYLITE® featuring no hotspots, we offer signs made of this premier product. Contact us for more information today. Metro Sign and Awning has years of experience designing beautifully lit ACRYLITE® commercial signs.

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