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5 Tips for Using Signage to Attract Customers

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Focusing on effective signage both inside and outside can help heat up your business.


Metro Sign & Awning's Insight

What’s the best way to stand out as a restaurant? Brick-and-mortar branding, both interior and exterior. To attract hungry customers with exterior signage, start with the right branding. Modern? Classic? Use signage style to give patrons an idea of what to expect inside. While doing this, make your restaurant "findable" with easy-to-see exterior signage, ideally something that lights up at night. Then, indoors, continue to immerse customers in great branding. Custom interior signs and wall graphics are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to stand out and make sure your restaurant doesn’t feel like “just another pizza place” or “just another deli.” Finally, you can even go one more extra mile by bringing your brand off-premises (e.g. setting up at street fairs with an eye-catching banner!).

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