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Metro Sign & Awning was pleased to partner with Lincoln Property Company, Shawmut Construction, and CBT Architects on the stately revitalization project at 53 State Street in Boston. The first part of the story can be found in a previous post. 


The Right Signs, Right on Time – 53 State Street, Part 2

The exterior signage installation at 53 State Street was involved, as the wiring of each letter had to be inserted through the panels, and our installers couldn’t be sure what was behind the panels until they started the job. Section details of drawings provided don’t always match “in field” conditions. (Otherwise known as life in the real world!) Our partners know they can rely on us, whatever those “real world” conditions turn out to be.

Professional Signage Installation in the Real World

Our installers are licensed, certified, and insured, and well-equipped with the best vehicles, cranes, and other equipment to make sure the job is done promptly and correctly.
In this case, as in many Boston and other city projects, the job required union workers do the installation. To best serve our clients and to accommodate various types of projects – wherever they are – Metro offers both open shop and union labor. We are affiliated with the carpenters union while also having union partners supporting specialty signage professionals outside the realm of carpenter union expertise, including illuminated, electrical, and high rise installations.

Right Signs, Right on Time

When it was time to install the signs at 53 State Street, our crew arrived on site early Saturday morning, as we’d planned, to avoid weekday traffic. They worked through the day and night, completing the job in the wee hours Sunday morning. Not only was the signage ready for the new work week, the installation was timed to ensure the building was ready to shine for an event the property owners had planned for the 20th of the month.

That’s why our clients say we give them the right signs, right on time.

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