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Metro Sign & Awning Approved MHEC Member and Provider

You’ve seen our vehicles and team members at various schools, colleges, municipalities and libraries over the past years. North Reading High School, East Boston Public Library, Suffolk University, City of Holyoke Park Program, Museum of Fine Arts, City of Lowell Façade Revitalization Program….  just to name a few. We work with fabulous architects and designers including Arrowstreet and Roll Barresi, and some of our fabrication designs are created by our own Metro Sign and Awning design team. We’re thrilled to announce that Metro Sign and Awning is now an approved member and provider of the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium  (MHEC).  This means that as an MHEC member, is that your organization can now benefit from our expertise in signage design and installation,

Safety in Style

OK – for all of you in architectural design/development who understand the importance of OSHA Safety on various job sites, let’s just put it out there. Couldn’t the uniform be a bit more creative? I mean, the medical industry has a vast array of “scrubs” to choose from, and we’re left to our standard white construction hats, denim jeans, and tan-colored steel toe work boots. Well, being in the field of architectural design and creative design engineering, we just knew there must be a solution to help express our creativity and individuality on a job site without forgoing safety. After a bit of Googling, we found some pink Safety Girl Boots which meet OSHA Safety Code with the steel toe

9 Green Signage Tips You Can Use to Wow your Clients

When it comes to maintaining or upgrading business signage, one thing many business owners often fail to realize is that “going green” can be a great way to get better signage for less money. Retrofitting your existing signage to accept new, cooler-burning LEDs is just one example of how reworking an old sign can improve a sign’s appearance, effectiveness, and cost. Download the white paper to learn more about how you can upgrade your business sign for cost savings and environmental benefits.

Enclosures and Canopies Serve Many Purposes

Did you know that Metro Sign and Awning works with many hotel and restaurant owners to create semi-temporary enclosures that add a degree of weather-proofing to their outdoor areas? Properly done, these enclosures extend the outdoor seating season and thereby add revenue for restaurants.  They’re able to contain heaters placed in the enclosed area, as necessary, to allow the space to be used quite comfortably during the colder months, here in New England. We’ve also worked with hotels to create enclosures to block the wind and weather around pick up / drop off areas. This makes hotel ingress and egress for guests and visitors far more inviting and hospital. Material Choice Important For many of the enclosures we use “Weathertyte”

East Pier 7 Opens With Political Fanfare

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Martin Walsh are scheduled to be on hand today, November 12, 2014, for the grand opening of East Pier 7 – a new residential development along Boston’s famed and scenic waterfront. In addition to their stunning views, the apartments now available on East Pier 7 include amenities such as: close proximity to the MBTA’s Blue Line, on-site parking, public access to the waterfront, and landscaped open spaces. There’s even talk of water taxi service. Although the neighborhood has been on the upswing for at least two decades (many residents date the turnaround from the opening of Piers Park back in 1995), this project has been on the drawing boards for only the last

Metro’s Turnkey Signage Solutions: The Middleman Doesn’t Work Here

In addition to working with individual businesses to handle their signage needs – inside and out – Metro Sign & Awning also offers Design/Build turnkey services for developers. While we’ve done our share in North America (from Canada to Puerto Rico and all over the US) we’re very excited about some of the projects we’ve completed in Boston – including Waterside Place, North Point Residential, One North of Boston and The Victor. Developers tell us they like working with Metro Sign & Awning because there’s no middleman: From initial concept design discussions to sign schedules, permitting, and all the way through to installation, Metro is capable of handling the entire signage process. West Coast Partnership Comes to Boston With hundreds

Crossing The MBTA’s Newest “T”

Our Metro Sign and Awning install crew has been working diligently this week with Suffolk Construction at The Beverly Depot. We’ve almost finished installing the new “T” Logo and the facility’s way-finding signs. Thanks for the opportunity to service another MBTA and Suffolk Project; we appreciate your valued partnership. The new parking facility at the Beverly station is slated to open for public use on Saturday, August 3rd, 2014. It will take another couple of months to finish a similar facility at the Salem station, probably not opening until October according to the Salem News. Together, the two new garages will allow commuters to park more than 1,200 vehicles, which will greatly ease the current parking crunch in those locations.

Bella Sera Improves Visibility with New Signage

What do you do when a company wants new signage, but doesn’t have the rights to install it on their location’s exterior? If you’re Bella Sera Bridal Boutique, on Route 114 in Danvers, MA, you “do without” for several years, experiencing quite a bit of difficulty, until a qualified, skilled,and multi-capable sign company finally comes to your rescue. Located above a separately owned and operated male clothing store,and handicapped since it moved to this new location in 2009 by an almost total lack of external points of recognition, Bella Sera Bridal had nevertheless endured. Heidi Nicholson, owner, had been able to keep the lights on by making word-of-mouth and other referral-based growth strategies work for her boutique business. But she

Got Wood? Try HDU

Did you know that most carved signs are not made of wood but with a plastic called HDU (High Density Urethane)? The common brand name used is “Sign Foam.” What makes this such a great product is that it is waterproof, lightweight yet remarkably strong. When it is finished with paint and clear coat it looks and feels like a wood sign. Introduced to the sign industry a number of years ago, HDU has proven longevity and is a superior alternative to wood. If you would like to learn more about carved signs as an option for your business please give us a call at 978-851-2424.

Insights to Wayfinding Signs for Bourne National Cemetery

Veterans Administration National Cemetery, Massachusetts

For most people visiting a national cemetery – understandably coping with a powerful mixture of pride, grief and distress – it can be difficult to keep your wits about you. Learn how we pulled out all the stops for this project in terms of design, placement, visibility, clarity, and durability to guide veterans’ loved ones to their destinations.

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