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Bella Sera Improves Visibility with New Signage

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What do you do when a company wants new signage, but doesn’t have the rights to install it on their location’s exterior?

If you’re Bella Sera Bridal Boutique, on Route 114 in Danvers, MA, you “do without” for several years, experiencing quite a bit of difficulty, until a qualified, skilled,and multi-capable sign company finally comes to your rescue.

Located above a separately owned and operated male clothing store,and handicapped since it moved to this new location in 2009 by an almost total lack of external points of recognition, Bella Sera Bridal had nevertheless endured. Heidi Nicholson, owner, had been able to keep the lights on by making word-of-mouth and other referral-based growth strategies work for her boutique business.

But she knew that growing a business without even a simple exterior sign is as difficult as stitching together a bridal gown without a thimble.

After much discussion among the various principals involved,the building’s owner, Giblees, asked Metro Sign and Awning to help obtain the permits necessary for Bella Sera to install appropriate exterior signage. Metro needed only about 60 days to get that work done.

Once the legalities were in order, Heidi happily participated in the design and installation of her company’s new exterior signs. (hotlink to photos?)

The full job took Metro only 180 days.

“Love the new signs!” Heidi emailed to Metro’s Tom Dunn,once the job was completed. “We are so thrilled they are finally up. You did a great job and your team was very professional and friendly. Very much appreciated. Thank you for being so diligent ….”

It’s not always part of the contract for Metro to pull the necessary permits, but it’s always part of our client-centered attitude to do whatever is necessary, go whatever extra miles we need to, to help our customers get to a “thrilling” signage outcome.

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