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Keeping Up With the Signage Industry

It’s not easy staying current in the fast-paced world of business signage. That’s why the team at Metro Sign and Awning likes to take time when possible to visit with colleagues and take advantage of trade shows with educational opportunities like the upcoming Digital Signage Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, March 10-13, 2015. We like to keep abreast of current and future trends in our industry, including advanced display technologies, best practices, and new thoughts on how to meet the needs of our retail customers. This particular show offers the 4,000 or more signage industry professionals who attend plenty of collaborative peer-to-peer “Idea Exchanges,” bolstered by lectures and panel presentations, seminars, and roundtable-format discussions. The schedule this year

Signage in the News

Have you discovered the Metro Sign and Awning Industry News page yet? Each week we gather information of interest to those in the sign industry, as well as business people who care about signage. Here are a few recent highlights: “Ghost” Signs Remind Us of Our Heritage Signage is not only an active, vibrant industry. It’s the basis of an historical record that can remind us of where we’ve been as a city, and as a society. Faded signs from bygone eras – so-called “ghost” signs – provide a trail of metaphorical breadcrumbs that can lead us back through the decades to the beginnings of cultural phenomena that now seem fixed in stone. Ghost Signage These fading signs are more

Enclosures and Canopies Serve Many Purposes

Did you know that Metro Sign and Awning works with many hotel and restaurant owners to create semi-temporary enclosures that add a degree of weather-proofing to their outdoor areas? Properly done, these enclosures extend the outdoor seating season and thereby add revenue for restaurants.  They’re able to contain heaters placed in the enclosed area, as necessary, to allow the space to be used quite comfortably during the colder months, here in New England. We’ve also worked with hotels to create enclosures to block the wind and weather around pick up / drop off areas. This makes hotel ingress and egress for guests and visitors far more inviting and hospital. Material Choice Important For many of the enclosures we use “Weathertyte”

What To Tell Us In Your Request For a Price Quote

One of the most frequently asked questions from prospects and clients alike is fairly basic: “What information do you need in order to work up a reliable price quote on my next project?” Casting about for new blog topics, it occurred to us that answering that question in this open forum would make for a valuable blog post. It would not only educate avid readers about how to speed and simplify the process of obtaining a meaningful price quote, but it would also serve as reference material to which we could point newly interested people who need to know this answer. So let’s start at the very beginning: Step 1: You realize you want some kind of signage. Step 2:

Sunlight Plays A Large Part In Signage Appearance

Metro Sign and Awning’s designers are expert at managing the many nuances that help create extra value and excitement in your signage. Here’s an example…

Our Sign At Everett High School Earns Mention on WCVB-TV News

It’s always exciting when one of our projects “makes the news.” This happened most recently on Thursday, January 9th, 2015, at 6 AM and again at Noon, when our recently installed electronic monument sign at Everett High School was featured as part of a story aired by WCVB (Channel 5, Boston) on the cold snap that enveloped Boston last week. The mention is particularly gratifying since WCVB-TV Channel 5 won seven National Headliner Awards last year, including two first-place finishes, in more categories than any other local television broadcaster in the country. Presented by the Press Club of Atlantic City, the annual National Headliner Awards recognize journalistic merit within the communications industry. Channel 5 was the only New England television

Looking Toward 2015

2015 is shaping up to be a year of growth and challenges for Metro Sign and Awning. One of our upcoming projects includes signage work for the very first licensed Massachusetts Casino! On this job, Metro is partnering with Penn National and their Las Vegas Vendor, Egads, to work on a sign and merchandising package due to be delivered in June, 2015. The package includes both interior and exterior signage, plus some very spiffy graphics. We’re very excited that Michael Randazzo of Penn Gaming selected Metro Sign and Awning as his preferred vendor in Massachusetts! We’re also working on a cost analysis for the MBTA Green Line Extension and for Boston Landing. We’re doing this work with the Sweden-based multinational

Another Way To Improve Signage ROI – Add Quality and Features!

Any business is inherently interested in knowing the return on investment (ROI) for the important actions it’s considering, because doing those calculations not only makes it easier to choose among different strategies, but also helps identify which of several possible actions should be prioritized and which ones are better delayed. With signage, you can do two varieties of ROI calculations: ROI in comparison with other advertising expenditures Pure financial ROI in comparison with any type of expenditures If you haven’t already, by the way, you can check out your signage ROI with our unique Business Sign R.O.I. Calculator. Either way, you’ll find that the cost of signage is relatively small compared to all the other expenditures you are making to

Today’s Signage Quiz (Number 2 in a Series)

How much do you really know about signs and signage? Avid readers of this Metro Sign and Awning blog are probably near-experts in signs and signage, with a detailed understanding of signage technology and an encyclopedic knowledge of signage history. To see how much you know, here’s a quick quiz based on previous posts in this blog. How many answers can you get right? All the answers should be known to you, provided you’ve been reading this blog: Question 1: The pylon sign is a single- or double-sided sign cabinet, illuminated, and supported above ground level on slim vertical support single or double poles. The shape of these supports may be: a) Plain and unembellished. b) Square. c) Round. d)

News From the World of Signage

News From the World of Signage Vintage Neon Signs Convey An ‘Old-Time’ Feel From the early 1920s to the late 1960s, neon signs were – if not “the bee’s knees” – at least a high-tech expression of the signage industry’s latest and greatest. In the intervening years, new technologies (up to and including color LEDs) have made neon signs look dated, which is enough not only for designers to start re-using that technology to evoke an “old style” look, but for collectors to move in and devote themselves to acquiring, preserving, and displaying the neon arts. One such effort is a current exhibition at the Castle in downtown Appleton, WI. The exhibition, aptly titled: “Neon: Darkness Electrified,” opened last month

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