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Designing for Human Behavior: Details Contribute to Safety, Successful End Results

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This article is especially relevant as summer is the festival and concert season. But every day, all year, highly visible signage that communicates clearly is an important safety factor. This is true of both interior and exterior signage.

The article also points out a critical flaw in much design work: too often, products are designed based on computer and cost models but in they can fail to take into account human behavior and real-world conditions.

Computer models have improved the design process in many ways, but to achieve a successful end result – and to maximize ROI – designs must be reviewed for form, function, and the all-important human factor. Myriad details go into the architecture and design of new buildings and into redevelopment projects as well. While specifying hundreds (or thousands) of signs to deliver a complete signage pack can be tedious, we’ve had the good fortune to work with many thoughtful architects and developers who appreciate our thorough approach to ensure each sign is clearly helpful to humans, and also helps meet overall design goals.

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"Provide highly visible signage at all points where occupants have a choice in direction.... Many architects follow long-standing best practices when designing commercial buildings. However, studies conducted in the wake of the 9/11 attacks revealed something disturbing: Best practices are based on computer modeling. And computer models are based on the assumption that people will behave in a logical, predictable manner in an emergency."
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