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How Much Does a Business Sign Cost? Calculating the Return on a Sign Investment

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When it comes to your business, branding is a big deal. After all, that’s the primary way that your business gets its name and ideas out to the public, and as such you need to make it one of your company’s highest priorities. As the owner, you may have used some modern branding, such as using social media sites or building your own company website or may have used online advertising.

However, it’s also a very good idea to use real-world means to build your business, and one of the best ways to do that is via business signage. Business signs continue to be used to this day because they’re a very cost-effective way of getting the job done, and are an extremely cost-effective way of advertising your business all on their own. That said, what is the cost of a business sign? After all, since signs are known to last a long time, most people don’t have much knowledge and experience of how to buy one, and you’ll want to be price savvy before you go looking around for a new one. Luckily, this article can help you to get answers to all of your questions. Keep reading to find out more!

Calculating the Return of a Sign Investment

Ultimately, there isn’t any set range for how much a sign would cost. After all, the many types of signs that can be created as well as the many levels of customization that can be involved make it essentially impossible to place everything in one price.

However, a better way to look at things is to consider the ROI (Return on Investment) that your sign will provide over time. To calculate your potential ROI, there are a number of factors that you’ll need to consider.

One of the most obvious things to consider is the initial cost of the sign, as well as the cost of the permits used on the sign. Put less obvious factors–such as the amount of energy used, the average daily traffic flowing by the sign, and the number of views– also play a big role in your sign’s overall ROI.

With so many options, you’ll want an ROI Calculator to help make it easy to calculate your potential signs’ returns-on-investment.

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