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Large and Oversized Signs Go Big for Your Brand When Design is Right

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When it comes to business signage, size matters. While it’s not always accurate to say, “the bigger the better,” well, sometimes, it is. When your building project needs bold thinking, big ideas, and even bigger signs, you need to work with a professional signage company that has the training and experience to ensure your best signage visions become reality. 

Large and Oversized Exterior Signs = More Attention for Your Brand

When you’ve got the permits and the plan to “go big,” we say, GO BIG! Experienced sign designers can take a concept from inception to installation-ready, making sure your brand gets the attention it deserves. Below, we shine the spotlight on some of the larger signs that we’ve designed and installed in and around Boston MA, Keene NH, and elsewhere in New England.

We love working with architectural teams and property developers to create signs that truly establish the personality, brand, and image for specific properties. If your signage project involves difficult designs, tight timelines, or unusual materials, we say, “Bring it on.” What do our customers say? Usually, it starts with “thank you.”

Big Sign Design Challenges Solved

Curved wood? Weathered steel? A sign that shines like a diamond? Large signs often require special fabrication techniques, sourcing and employing unusual materials. Those are the kinds of challenges we love! See some of our large signs at Maxwell GreenSuffolk University, and the Center at Innovation Drive, among other spaces and places throughout New England.

Make a Big Impression with Architectural Signage

When Suffolk University was redefining itself and its space at 20 Somerset in Boston, it wasn’t just an “inside job.” The university’s building housing communication, journalism, biology, chemistry, and physics needed a bold presence on the street, as well.

The Metro Project Manager oversaw the fabricators and crew that created and installed the 21-panel, 20-foot-high wall that defines Suffolk for students, drivers, and pedestrians outside the university.

The high pressure laminate (HDP) exterior wall mural required considerable engineering expertise as well as tremendous coordination and communication to ensure the seal on the curtain wall and the panels would perfectly fit in the Z-Clip System.

Creating and installing architectural signage like a wall mural or entrance sign at a corporate headquarters or industrial park requires a special blend of talent and experience that few sign companies can provide.

Metro Sign & Awning has the artistic designers, skilled fabricators, professional project managers, and expert installers needed to deliver beautiful results on even the largest sign projects.

Award-Winning Signs Come in All Sizes

Regardless of a sign’s dimensions, it has to make a big impression. We are delighted to say we’ve worked with our customers to create some winning sign designs – from large pylon signs to smaller, but just as brilliant, storefront signs. Our team delights in taking sign design challenges – especially those that involve very large installations or unusual materials – and turning them into branding success stories. A few examples are shown here, and more can be found in our portfolio.

Sometimes a large sign requires special permitting or variances need to be granted. Metro Sign & Awning works with property managers, business owners, and local governments to help shepard each sign through the process. Read about one such instance, involving one of the largest signs in Keene, NH.

The bottom line? When you’re faced with a sign design challenge, we’d love to help.

Do you need to “go big” to incorporate your brand into your new building construction? Is new signage part of your corporate rebranding efforts? Whether your project involves interior or exterior signage, get the big, beautiful results you need by working with Metro Sign & Awning.

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