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Metro Sign & Awning Announces A New E-Book on the Intricacies of Wayfinding Signage

Interior Signage, Others, Partners-Developers-Contractors, Sign Design, Signage Tips, Wayfinding

We’ve written in this space about wayfinding signs more than once, but we’re still getting questions about them from business owners, architects, developers and construction industry people.

To satisfy their curiosity and give everyone a place to start finding answers on their own, we’ve now compiled a brand new e-book on Wayfinding Signage.

It covers such important topics as:

  • What makes wayfinding signage so difficult to do well?
  • Why bother struggling to get wayfinding signage just right?
  • How to take the big first step on any wayfinding signage project.

and much more.

As experts in wayfinding (and other) signage, we actively enjoy sharing what we know with others. So it was fun for us to compile this easy-to-read e-book, which we think makes wayfinding signage a lot simpler for people to understand and create than it might have been before they absorbed the information we have put into this publication.

Considering the audience, organizing the individual signs, and understanding how people will use the built environment that the wayfinding signage will support and explain are all elements we’ve tried to cover in simple terms that anyone can follow.

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