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Share Green Benefits and Attract More Business: Green Signage Tips to Wow Your Clients, Part III

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Share Green Benefits and Attract More Business: Green Signage Tips to Wow Your Clients, Part III
When it comes to business, one thing to note is that an increasing amount of consumers are being considered “green consumers.” What this means for business owners is to try and implement eco-friendly methods and materials into their business and most importantly convey this message to the potential consumers. In June, we introduced our free white paper , 9 Green Signage Tips You Can Use to Wow your Clients, which highlights environmentally friendly practices you can consider when investing in a new sign and tips to help you use these practices to your business’ advantage.. You can download the version appropriate for you: Architects, General Contractors, and Property Managers. This month, we’re sharing another tip from the white paper: ways that green signs can help attract business.

Green Signs Attract Business

About 20 percent of US adults identify as “green” consumers – a demographic that’s expected to grow by nearly 40 percent in the next decade. Unfortunately, as your retail clients can attest, consumers who say they support efficient production methods and low-emitting, non-polluting and sustainable products don’t want to pay more to fund those earth-friendly ideals.

Green to Gold author Andrew Winston calls environmental appeal the “third button” to push when selling products. The first two: price and quality. (Give consumers points for being practical.)

Happily, green signs provide that third button – a button that can be pushed as long as the sign is visible. Signs appeal to shoppers’ sustainable sensibilities, giving them the positive feelings they crave, without requiring them to pay more for products.

Share the good news

Help your clients understand how to promote their signs’ green benefits and attract more environmentally-conscious consumers to their businesses.

Metro Sign provides its partners with a free press release template clients can use to promote their new, green signs. Contact Elena Berry to find out how your customers can highlight the benefits of their signs to environmentally conscious shoppers.

You can get the other 8 free tips by downloading the appropriate white paper for yourself: ArchitectsGeneral Contractors, and Property Managers.

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