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Signs and Advertising ROI

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Signs can serve many purposes. Some give direction, others warn of potential dangers, but most let the world know you’re in business.  In other words, they’re advertising, and I’m always surprised when our clients don’t consider them as such.

Typically, a sign will be up for 5-10 years before the business owner wants to update it. (Of course I have to point out that our signs are built to last much longer!) Their longevity alone makes signs a unique form of advertising – one with excellent return on investment (ROI).

Whether it’s illuminated or not, an exterior sign’s cost-per-impression compares very favorably to other forms of advertising.

Think about newspaper, TV, radio, Yellow Pages, and online advertising. How many people see it every day? Now here’s an important follow-up question: how many of them are in the position to become a customer when they see it?

How many people see your storefront everyday? Obviously, ALL of them are in a position to become your customers.

Let’s say your restaurant is ready for a new sign. You invest a little extra to “wow” passers-by, maybe $5,000, and the sign’s cool factor brings in an additional two customers each day. If your average dinner check is $35 and your margin is 35%, that’s a return of $24.50 per day. At that rate, the $5,000 investment in “wow” will pay for itself in 204 days – less than a year, even if you’re only open 6 days a week.

How does that compare with your return on advertising in other media?

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Since this post first appeared, our Business Sign Return On Investment Calculator has launched! Click and give it a try.

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