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Today’s Signage Quiz

Fun, Signage Tips

How much do you really know about signs and signage?

Avid readers of this Metro Sign and Awning blog are probably near-experts in signs and signage, with a detailed understanding of signage technology and an encyclopedic knowledge of signage history. To see how much you know, here’s a quick quiz based on previous posts in this blog. How many answers can you get right?

All the answers should be known to you, provided you’ve been reading this blog:

Question 1: The new “T” Logo and wayfinding signs that our Metro Sign and Awning installation crew fitted at the MBTA’s new Beverly Depot was among the finishing touches on a facility that includes:

a) Parking for more than 1,200 vehicles.

b) A garage with glass elevators, bicycle parking, and charging stations for electric cars.

c) Special parking for Zipcars and a drop off / pick up area for commuters who get a lift to the facility.

d) A covered walkway between the parking area and the train station.

e) All of the above.

f) “a” and “b” above

g) “c” and “d” above

For the answer, click here.


Question 2: A business interested in knowing whether its investment in signage is paying off can:

a) Compare the results of its signage expenditures to the results of its payroll expenditures

b) Compare the results of its signage expenditures to the results of its marketing expenditures

c) Compare the results of its signage expenditures to the results of its advertising expenditures

c) All of the above

c) “b” and “c” above

For the answer, click here.


Question 3: Today’s LED illumination offers signage advantages that include all but which of the following:

a) Major savings on operating costs and maintenance.

b) Better for the environment.

c) A more modern appearance for any signage.

d) Better visibility at night, in fog or rain – just about any weather conditions.

e) Far more reliable and long-lasting.

f) Rapid on/off cycling can simulate motion within any sign image.

For the answer, click here.


Question 4: These informative signs are primarily intended to carry a good deal of detailed information and to serve as reference points from which people can determine where they want to go and how to get there. They are called:

a) Monument signs

b) Pylon signs

c) Directory signs

d) Wall signs

e) Blade signs

For the answer, click here.


Question 5: A key goal in designing and deploying wayfinding signs is:

a) To give people confidence so they can comfortably move toward their desired destination.

b) To give people all the information they seek in one sign.

c) To give people a sense of the personality of the project developer or owner.

d) To build signs that will last for the life of the building itself.

e) To utilize the latest materials for the most modern look.

For the answer, click here.


How many did you get right?

If you have a question you’d like to see answered in a future blog post, please send it to us here.

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