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What an Awning or Enclosure Can Do For Your Business

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Metro Sign and Awning’s insight:

High-quality awnings, canopies and enclosures create additional revenue opportunities for restaurants, banks, and other retail operations.

We work with General Contractors and business owners to design, permit, construct and install a barrier protecting guests from New England weather, typically with the goal of extending their summer season (and increasing revenue). An awning, canopy or enclosure can often be shown to not only increase revenue, but to help even out a business’s seasonal peaks and valleys.

Metro Sign & Awning's Insight
Versatile Outdoor Dining and More Weather resistant fabric and commercial grade vinyl "walls" can be designed to protect customers against wind, rain, and possibly snow - but each section can be rolled up and attached to the structure's frame, exposing outdoor seating during favorable weather. In addition to restaurant enclosures,  many hospitality businesses such as airport and hotel pick-up/drop off terminals, as well as nursing care facilities and corporate and residential luxury developments utilize canopies and awnings to improve customer experience.   there are a variety of applications and design concepts to consider. If you're a restaurant owner, developer, architect or designer looking to maximize your use of a unique outdoor space, please contact Metro Sign & Awning to investigate the possibilities. A wide variety of new materials - combined with our experience in designing and fabricating business awnings and enclosures - means you have more options than ever before.
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