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4 Great Wallcovering Trends: Graphics, Geometrics, Grasscloth & Glitz

ote>We’re in a time of new found appreciation and demand for wallpaper and wallcoverings. The design trends are pointing to a desire to add pattern


Understanding Ink: Sign printing options, 2019 innovations and when to use what

nding Ink: Sign printing options, 2019 innovations and when to use what.

Where Do We Go Now? Exploring The Wonders Of Wayfinding Design

ote>Wayfinding design is often taken for granted. Yet, by creating innovative signage, today’s brands can do more than help visitors navigate environments.

Why Outdoor Signage Is as Important as Your Website

Outdoor signs might seem kind of old school in the digital age, but customers can’t buy from you if they can’t find you. Learn how to get yourself noticed.

Top 3 Different Signage to Promote Your Business

In the market, there are vast ways to advertise a business brand strategically.  Business signage is multi-functional, and it can do many tasks in one installation.  It can promote, advertise, and attract many customers. Thus, it is a cost-effective marketing strategy.Since the primary purpose is to attract customers, it has to be noticed easily. If it is in a visible position, where a lot of people pass by, the sign will be much more effective.


5 Types of Environmental Graphic Design and How It Impacts an Experience

Environmental graphic design is what makes boring places look interesting. Learn more about the types of places that environmental graphic design can enhance.


The Rise of Indoor LED

Businesses from Hong Kong to Australia and beyond have embraced indoor LED technology. From its seamless look to its high performance in daylight, LED is changing minds among those who might have been resisting it as a fad or short-term trend. Among the most common reasons for pursuing LED screens are improved customer attraction and longevity of the equipment. Today’s LED solutions support retailers’ ads, video content, and more.

The Benefits of Signage Infographic

Your small business sign is much more than an indication of where your business is located. A sign actually gives you one of the biggest bangs for your advertising buck. It helps you gain an identity as well as new clients, which in turn adds to your bottom line. Did you know a recent survey found 35% of passersby wouldn’t have known about a business without a sign? Studies also show your signage is more effective at keeping your business top of mind with consumers than TV or radio advertising. Delve into this and other interesting statistics with a revealing infographic on the benefits of signs.

If You’re Reading This Sign, Customer Experience Is Happening

Simple everyday signage communicates your brand to customers as much as any formal signage does. It’s important to keep in mind how a little friendliness and candor can go a long way to helping a business stand out. And these memorable interactions don’t have to be limited to printed signs. Boost your customer engagement with memorable messaging across platforms through friendlier and warmer language or approach.

How to Navigate a Wayfinding Redesign

Wayfinding redesign projects benefit from designated leaders, established standards, and experience-based user feedback on proposed solutions. A building’s redesign can be a cornerstone of wayfinding. Design elements that facilitate wayfinding can include lighting, color, functional pathways, and even acoustics. By considering the building and its users together, a wayfinding redesign can be intuitive and effective.

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