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Storefront Signs – How to Choose the Right Sign for Your Business

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First impressions can make a big difference in any aspect of life, and especially when it comes to the sign outside your business. Your business sign is the first thing a potential customer sees, so it’s worth the time and effort to design the perfect one that reflects your products, services and overall brand. You may not realize how many different types of signs there are until you start looking; however, once you’ve selected the perfect combination of features, you will have a sign that accurately reflects your brand and drives customer traffic for years to come.

Environmental graphics are critical to the design of the modern workplace.

An environmental graphic design throughout an office building can transform the entire work space. Modern buildings today have to provide much more than simply a desk, computer and a cup of coffee. Incorporating environmental designs provides employees with inspiration, motivation, purpose and a way to relate to the company brand. Plus, attracting top new talent is much easier with a modern office design rather than being stuck in the past with no true image. When employees and job candidates are impressed and inspired by the graphic designs throughout their work space, they are more likely to remain motivated and appreciate the brand they work for.

4 questions to answer before buying an outdoor display | Digital Signage Today

Buying an outdoor display to show off your business brings value and gives customers a brand to relate to. When investing in a high quality display, it’s important to know exactly the quality you’re getting, how to maintain it, how good it will look for years to come. Working with an established and reputable sign company will help you navigate those concerns and ensure you know exactly what you’re getting in return for your investment. Once the main questions surrounding quality, maintenance, performance and budget are answered, you’ll be ready to enjoy your new sign for years to come.

Hundreds of Complaints Flood In About New York Store Signs, but From Whom?

When a sudden spike of anonymous 311 calls started coming in to report improper signs or awnings on establishments, business owners in New York began scrambling to take theirs down. Now, many areas have unrecognizable businesses due to the lack of signage. The motive of the caller or callers is unknown, but businesses aren’t taking the chance of having to pay a significant fine. Metro Sign & Awning is committed to protecting your business by ensuring compliance with regards to local regulations.

Wayfinding System for Senior Facilities

The amount of facilities available for the elderly to live in is increasing rapidly due to the demand. An overlooked factor when designing these facilities is the appropriate usage of signs and wayfinding. Facilities have to take into consideration seniors who may be visually impaired, have Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia, are handicapped and have other conditions. Taking into consideration a person’s general wellbeing is also important, and incorporating bright colors can enhance their mood and self-confidence. Each of these points have to be taken into consideration when designing new facilities for seniors. At Metro Sign and Awning, we work with our clients to create bold and unique signs for senior living facilities. This post by ASI does a nice job explaining the approach for this type of facility.

Changing Awning Fabric Colors Can Provide Buildings a New Look at a Minimal Cost

At Metro Sign and Awning, we understand that a company’s brand reputation is largely influenced by it’s overall presentation. From a physical presentation perspective, the building itself is important, as well as the company logo, but you can’t forget about their signs and awnings. Awnings take a beating over time due to sun exposure and weather elements in general. And once this happens, the building as a whole may look old and worn. Simply changing the colors of your awning fabric can go a long way in enhancing a building’s image, as well as providing an entryway customers feel comfortable and confident walking in to.

Orange Coast College Students Sculpting the Future with Precision Board

Many business clients frequently ask for “carved wood signs”. However very rarely do we actually use wood.  For the past 10+ years the more popular choice is HDU due to their versatility, durability and similarity to wood.” Read more about the benefits of HDU vs wood. HDU has many uses and the future artists are learning how to use this eco-friendly material.  Metro Sign & Awning believes in getting the best value for your sign, and HDU provides it for most companies.

3 ways Disney World delivers magic with digital signage | Digital Signage Today 

Because they are so flexible, digital signs can be incredible tools to improve communications.  Their messages can be instantly changed, they can display real time info and can be controlled from different sites. In our modern world, people have been “trained” to be attentive to electronic screens.

The 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make with Outdoor Signage

Designing graphics for outdoor use with its variable weather and natural conditions is very different than designing for indoor use where the environment is controlled and stable. Here are some rookie mistakes to avoid when creating your next outdoor sign.

Rethinking Sustainability – How Signmakers integrate Green Processes and Materials Into Projects – and Shop Operations

Metro Sign and Awning wants to be part of the solution when it comes to protecting our environment. We feel a responsibility to educate businesses, architects, general contractors, property managers and our other partners on the need to rethink not just their ways of fabricating signage, but also how they understand and practice sustainability. We will brainstorm with our partners and clients to find appropriate and sustainable materials for any signage project. Additionally, we are constantly looking for ways to make our own practices and processes more environmentally sustainable by incorporating greener materials into signage to benefit the environment and provide our partners and their clients with a signage with longer lasting materials. If you’re looking for eco-friendly materials and signage we are ready to help.

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