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Convert Your Existing Signs to LED Technology – Part 3

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In two previous posts (here and here), we introduced the concept of retrofitting older signage with newer, better illumination technology: LEDs, and also showed how fast and easy the conversion can be.

This time, let’s detail some of the significant advantages that such a conversion will bring your business:

LEDs Deliver Modern Advantages


Great Sign Appearance Means Great Results

LEDs make any sign shine far brighter in any weather, in any temperature. Steady, bright, consistent illumination with no shadows projects a more modern and successful image than dim, flickering, or burned-out signage.

LEDs are Better for the Environment

LEDs consume far less power than neon or fluorescent, significantly reducing your carbon footprint. They contain no lead, glass, or mercury, and require no special handling or disposal.

LEDs Will Save You Money Over Time

LEDs will cost far less than your existing – or even new – neon. LEDs generally use only one-fifth as much power as outdated light sources, need less maintenance, and cost far less to repair. They are also built to use safer, easier-to-handle low-voltage electricity.

LEDs Require Much Less Maintenance than Neon Signs

Neon and fluorescent signs require regular service calls to perform complex maintenance routines that cost hundreds of dollars. When problems inevitably develop, in most cases you can’t just replace a broken bulb, as you can with ordinary lighting. Technicians must come out at least twice: first to assess the cause of the fault, and then leave the problem unresolved until they come out a second time (normally days or weeks later) with the necessary – often custom fabricated – replacement parts. The plain fact is that, after 12-15 years, neon tubes routinely require major service calls as they become brittle, lose their neon gas, and their multiple transformers begin to burn out. There’s also a measurable risk of internal sparking and uncontrolled flames!

In contrast, modern LED lighting is almost maintenance-free, rarely needing significant repair. Annual “maintenance” on an LED sign costs far less than you might imagine, because it involves only a quick check of power and mechanical systems, which rarely fail. With no glass to break, no gas to leak, and far fewer transformers powering the same lighted area, LED-illuminated signs can go for years without any major upkeep.

LEDs Are Reliable

Fluorescent lights and neon tubes require a separate power supply for each few feet of lighting. When any one of these fails, part of your sign goes dark. Because LEDs use far less electricity, they require far fewer power supplies – lowering the cost of your sign and reducing the number of components that can blank out any part of it. After many years of service, some early LEDs have grown slightly dim. Newer LED technology, however, will shine brightly for a decade or longer.

There’s far less reason to scrap your current signage when you can quickly and inexpensively give it new life simply by replacing its weakest component – those old-style neon or fluorescent tubes – with today’s modern technology that costs less to operate, shines brighter, and lasts far longer.

Don’t wait any longer. Call 978-401-9270 today to find out about converting your existing neon and fluorescent signs to LED technology.

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