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How MSA Helped a Union Installation Team Add 600+ Wayfinding and ADA Signs to Boston’s Waterfront

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It is always exciting to work on and around Boston’s infrastructure, so when the opportunity to partner with Skansa Group for the installation of wayfinding and ADA signs came about for the South Boston Waterfront Transportation Center, we grabbed it with both hands. Considering our experience in signage projects in urban centers (see Signs and the Downtown Experience) as well as our expertise in fabrication, installation, service and repair of signs, we were a natural choice for Skansa and the union’s installation team.

Staying true to our reputation, we provided the best possible service and supervision to ensure the successful completion of the project that added more than 600 wayfinding and ADA signs to the South Boston Waterfront. Following is a brief review of the project brief and what we helped achieve.

The Massport Project Reviewed:Project Brief and Services Provided

The Massport project that included wayfinding and ADA signs to South Boston’s Waterfront aimed to achieve three things—add to Boston’s infrastructure, revitalize downtown, and add signage in public places. This placed a heavy responsibility on Metro Sign and Awning and despite all of our experience in designing, fabricating, and installing signage, we would have found it tough to successfully complete the project if our partners were not as professional, experienced, and dedicated as those at Skansa Group.
While partnering with Skansa was a shot in the arm for us, it was the efforts of our own people that guided the Massport project to a successful conclusion. They went above and beyond what was expected of them. John Durant—the Metro Project Manager, also played an instrumental role in the Massport project’s success by providing outstanding supervision of the work being done.

“Kind Words” from Skansa

The fabrication and supervision provided by Metro for the 600+ wayfinding and ADA signs added to South Boston’s Waterfront infrastructure was praised by our partner Skansa. They found the entire process, from submittal to installation, very smooth. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Skansa, who we believe played a pivotal role in the success of the project.

This sentiment is shared by Skanska Project Manager Mike Pugh who had the following to say:

“There was an open communication between Metro, FMA and Skanska which, I believe, was a large contributor to the overall success of the project. In the field, your install crews were professional and came prepared to do the day’s tasks. Overall, my experience with Metro has been very positive. Thank you all for the hard work!”

Wayfinding and ADA Signs are Improving Mobility In and Around South Boston’s Waterfront

The successful completion of this will help improve mobility in the area. The new signs will improve traffic mobility at the Waterfront, and also make it more pleasurable to walk to destinations in the area. The team at Metro Sign and awning, our partners, and Massport feel quite proud with what has been achieved and this wouldn’t have been possible without their efforts and collaboration. If you’d like to see other examples of Metro’s Wayfinding sign prowess, please visit our Wayfinding portfolio.

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