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Text Walking and Distracted Pedestrians – can better signage help?

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Cities aiming to be pedestrian-friendly have never faced more challenges. Distracted walking fines proposed in some U.S. cities, no-cell-phone walking lanes in others…is this what we mean by “Downtown Experience?” When we work with developers on wayfinding projects (in fact, all projects) our designs always begin by considering the human factor.

While wayfinding and pedestrian-friendly signage must be clear, functional, and helpful, it also needs to be durable, particularly as it’s usally outside, exposed to the elements 24/7. But in downtown development projects, on campuses, in corporate settings, and everywhere signage is, it’s also playing an integral part in brand identity and development activities. (Most city visitor’s guides, for example, feature signage prominently in their advertising, online and off.)

With all types of interior wayfinding, room identification signs, and other pedestrian-friendly signage, the designers, fabricators and installers must ensure that the signs are ADA compliant as well. This set of challenges (and sometimes competing priorities) is what motivates us and it inspires some very creative solutions. While working with our clients to deliver the best possible signage solutions for each set of criteria, from creating the design spec to installing the finished product, our team is constantly considering how the finished product will meet the demands of the real world, while best representing our client’s brand.

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The dangers and accidents from text walking. Navigating and wayfinding in the presence of text walkers. Text-only lanes for pedestrians? Hello, 2018.
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