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This is What an Immersive Environment Looks Like

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Have you ever walked into a space and been surrounded by bold, larger-than-life graphics on the walls, floors, ceilings, and even columns? For example, you might have seen a restaurant’s tantalizing morsels emblazoned on the wall, making you even hungrier before you’ve ordered.

Alternatively, perhaps you’ve seen a colorful, digitally printed mural that made you pause and take in the sights while walking through a retail store, office, or transit space.

Thorndike graphics collage

You’ve probably also seen a floor-to-ceiling sign that made it effortless for you to navigate an unfamiliar building.

Wayfinding Bathroom Graphic

In all these cases, what you were experiencing is called “environmental graphic design.” It’s a growing trend in corporate spaces as well as entertainment, hospitality, education, and transit buildings.

These graphics have the power to transform an otherwise unremarkable space into a branded environment that’s a pleasure to visit. When done right, environmental graphic design can spark a playful sense of wonder, such as this staircase that leads to a “thickening plot” (a.k.a. an upper level worth climbing up to):

Another application of environmental graphics is to introduce a sense of mission and purpose to a professional space. The graphics serve as a constant visual reminder of “why we’re here” and create an environment that feels special and memorable for both visitors and employees.

How It’s Done

We usually start by reviewing a set of floor plans, specs and photos before transferring a theme into a package. We then apply our expertise to determine which materials make the most sense for the fabrication process. The graphic design takes some back-and-forth as we make sure to capture the finer design elements and the print quality that the client and/or architect are striving for. We always produce samples for approval before installation. Before we manufacture the signage, we ensure the walls are properly measured and prepped to accept the graphics so that no imperfections occur.

Can We Let You In On a Secret?

Several providers of environmental signage routinely charge two or three times the fair price for this work. As a result, many organizations that could be telling their stories through environmental graphics forego the opportunity due to the high cost. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We are a consultant to architects, designers, developers, contractors who depend on us to transfer an idea into a functioning built environment that is code compliant—and we do it at a fair price. We invite architects, design firms, and business owners to contact us to get white-glove service and a crisp, polished result.

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