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Digital Signage Increases Revenue: Then and Now

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Many individual business owners, chain accounts, schools and developers (shopping centers) have recognized the advantage of content displayed through digital signage. Unlike the radio, TV or internet; a sign – tradition or digital – communicates and advertises your brand and product to customer traffic at the point of sale. This includes people who may work in the area, be driving by with a need for a specific product while seeing your sign and pull in right at that moment. There are many studies available to support the increase of revenue through digital signage as well as financial support to make an investment.

Recently, Industry Weapon published some impressive stats from its 2015 marketing report on digital signage:

76 percent of consumers have entered a site because the sign was interesting, while an additional 75 percent of consumers have told friends about a store simply because they were impressed by the signage – and 68 percent of Americans made purchases of a product or service because of the appealing nature of the digital signage.

3 Things You Should Know About Digital Signage Today

  • Many communities have enacted guidelines (and even ordinances) governing the use of digital signage, so if you are a “do-it-yourselfer” make sure you get necessary permits and work within your municipality’s rules and regulations.
  • WHERE you place your digital signage makes a huge difference in its effectiveness – they’re not just for lobbies anymore. (Read more about placement.)
  • Even with today’s new digital signs, traditional factors such as font size and contrast affect readability and effectivness.

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