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No one likes to get lost! And one of the best ways an institution can help people find their way or get important information quickly and clearly is to employ signage. In fact, signage offers a good tool for higher education settings.

Freestanding signs with electronic message center displays (EMC) distribute daily and emergency information efficiently, and wayfinding signs help people navigate campus more easily. Interior signs can reinforce learning by supporting multimedia for lectures or enhance the interdepartmental recognition of student accomplishments by enabling departments to promote their students’ successes. And consistent signage supports both an institution’s branding and elevates its school spirit.

Metro Sign has worked with a variety of colleges and universities right here in the heart of higher education, including Suffolk University, Northeastern, Harvard, Boston College, MIT, University of Massachusetts Boston, Lowell & Amherst, Fitchburg State as well as Salem State — a client for over 17 years!

Our company offers an unmatched depth and breadth of expertise to ensure the success of all our projects. For every sign design/build, our team:

  • Researches local building and fire codes for size, placement, structural, and lighting restrictions
  • Collaborates with interior designers, structural engineers, and local historical commissions for building projects that require the creation of a master sign plan
  • Develops a sign schedule that identifies all interior sign families and provides functional wayfinding
  • Ensures our interior room identification, wayfinding, and egress signs comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Verifies that property-specific legal requirements like photoluminescent signs required for high rise construction meet all requirements
  • Constructs prototypes so our clients can easily visualize materials, illumination, and sign scale
  • Helps all our clients strategize and navigate the often confusing and lengthy permit process

Whether your school needs a complete sign overhaul or just a few updates, we’re committed to enhancing the educational experience of students, staff, and visitors through signage. Our services include:

  • Improving messaging and wayfinding using indoor and/or outdoor products
  • Providing screens, awnings, and electronic message centers (EMC) for food and sports facilities, departments, and other buildings
  • Creating enclosures that expand the space of social and eating facilities and providing additional cover, shade or semi-outdoor space
  • Projecting flag banners on buildings, light posts, and telephone poles.

We get it — you’re busy with your regular projects and tasks, and while it might be time (or well past time) to install or update your signs, it’s just one more thing on your plate. We utilize a lean management approach to deliver value engineering that benefits busy schools and those without resources for managing and coordinating signage projects. Our collaborative multi-stakeholder approach enables us to coordinate with general contractors, school design units, and/or school representatives from the first meeting through final delivery.


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