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WSU Installs New Wayfinding Signage System on its Main Campus

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Metro Sign and Awning’s insight:

Remember your first few days at college, looking at your schedule and struggling to find your way to class on a big campus? The lack of adequate signage made it difficult to get around without yet knowing the layout. Luckily, Wichita State University is addressing this problem head on with the installation of a new wayfinding signage system.

The system consists of main building signage, entryway signage, vehicular directional signs, pedestrian directional signs, and campus map signs. This system is expected to be fully installed by September, helping new students and visitors find their way around campus quickly and easily. All colleges should follow this example!

Metro Sign & Awning's Insight
Wichita State University is installing a comprehensive wayfinding signage system to address problems with signage consistency and visibility across campus.
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