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Chino Valley looking to relax its rules on business signs – Chino Valley Review

Sign ordinances – and even sign definitions – are a frequent topic of conversation at municipal meetings around the country.

Granite Geek: I-93 Experiment Focuses On Reading Highway Signs At Night

High-intensity and micro prismatic principles – huh? Engineers explain the science behind making road signs more readable, especially at night.

Hand-Painted Signage in Mexico: Quirky and Memorable

The hand-painted signs of Mexico are soulful expressions from the heart. They are unique and individual, unlike the vinyl computer-generated signs.

Awnings and Canopies – Metro Sign And Awning

Awnings and canopies add color and architectural interest to storefronts and entrances.

They can also boost your advertising reach, working 24/7 for your business. High-quality awning fabrics can be customized with your logo, illuminated, and designed to expand and enhance your business entrance.

New Life for Libraries

Ted Reinstein reports on how Boston-area libraries are adapting to the digital age.

Barco’s Revolutionary Range of LED Digital Wallpaper

Barco, Kortrijk, Belgium-based global LED technology company, has unveiled a new form of LED technology that’s radically different than traditional LED displays.

Calculating Your Ad Budget

“a business with a good sign in a high-visibility location will need to advertise significantly less than a similar business in an affordable location.”

When determining your advertising budget, consider the big picture – including rent and signage costs – in your ROI calculations.

Metro Sign & Awning Answers: Electronic Message Boards

Q:  Does your firm do repairs and new installs of electronic message boards?

A: Yes, Metro Sign & Awning sells, installs, services and repairs all types (and brands) of electronic message boards. The popular signage is perfect for many interior applications, as well as for outdoor permanent and temporary signage. If you have an electronic message board (EMB) or are thinking about getting one, we’d love to talk with you. 

Due Diligence Required to “Get the Message”

We’ve found many business owners buy electronic message boards and electronic message centers (EMC) without conducting a “due diligence” process. As with any sign investment, it’s important to consider where and how the sign will be used, and whether there are local ordinances or community regulations limiting their use. And of course, not all electronic message boards are built with the same standards. Different grades of components can dramatically impact the visibility, durability of the signage, as well as its cost of operation.

If you have a question about signage or the services we provide, please ask! We answer each query individually, of course, and post some of the most frequently-asked questions here. 

YESCO Will Be Featured on CBS’s Undercover Boss

Utah sign exec has more empathy for workers after ‘Undercover Boss’ role. YESCO, A custom electric sign company founded nearly 100 years ago, will be featured on CBS’s hit series “Undercover Boss,” Friday, Jan 15 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Government Center T Station to Reopen March 26

Boston’s shuttered Government Center transit station will reopen March 26 after undergoing renovations for nearly two years, a T official said in an interview posted online.

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