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Powerball Signs Can’t Handle New Jackpot

The new Powerball jackpot for Wednesday is twice as large as the largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history.

McDonald’s ‘Smart’ Menus Will Start Recommending Food Based on the Weather

When it’s cold out or raining, the digital menus might recommend heartier meals and hot drinks.

What an Awning or Enclosure Can Do For Your Business

Versatile Outdoor Dining and More

Weather resistant fabric and commercial grade vinyl “walls” can be designed to protect customers against wind, rain, and possibly snow – but each section can be rolled up and attached to the structure’s frame, exposing outdoor seating during favorable weather.

In addition to restaurant enclosures,  many hospitality businesses such as airport and hotel pick-up/drop off terminals, as well as nursing care facilities and corporate and residential luxury developments utilize canopies and awnings to improve customer experience.   there are a variety of applications and design concepts to consider.

If you’re a restaurant owner, developer, architect or designer looking to maximize your use of a unique outdoor space, please contact Metro Sign & Awning to investigate the possibilities.

A wide variety of new materials – combined with our experience in designing and fabricating business awnings and enclosures – means you have more options than ever before.

The 9 Worst Logo Changes of 2015

To identify the worst revamps, Business Insider looked through graphic-design publisher UnderConsideration’s Brand New blog archives.

Five Types Of Custom Business Signs That Draw Attention To Your Company

Five Types Of Custom Business Signs That Draw Attention To Your Company. With so many things attempting to grab the attention of the population, shouldn’t your business be one of those items? We have compiled a list of five types of custom business signs that draw attention to your company.

Signage: Say it With Style

A mixture of fonts can look GREAT – or awful. Oh, the difference a designer makes.

30 New Examples of Beautiful & Creative Signage

Creating effective signage that instantly grabs ones attention can be a difficult task. Especially in city centres where there’s an abundance of things


A Billboard Art Show That’s Truly For The Masses

A group of Hollywood creatives have taken to the streets to showcase rising artists in the first organized billboard art gallery.

4 Things To Consider When Creating Your New Store Signage

Creating new store signage is not an exercise that should be taken lightly. Here are a few things to consider when creating a new in-store signage package.

How A Logo’s Color Shapes Consumers’ Opinion Of A Brand

A new study on the ethical implications of logo colors suggests that the blue might be “greener” than green when it comes to branding.

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