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Need a Sign That This Year is Going To Be Great?

Interior, exterior, wayfinding, branding, rebranding – whatever your signage needs to do to make this year successful, let us in on your plans. We’ll help make sure all the signs point to your success

IL: City Puts Together ADA Transition Plan

City officials have identified a number of Americans with Disabilities Act non-compliance issues at parks, fire stations and other city properties under a self-evaluation of city facilities and services.

Is Your Signage Ready For Winter?

With winter well and truly into full swing, you need to take the time to consider if your outdoor signage is ready for this testing period…

Damage From Blizzards, Winter Storms Covered By Most Standard Insurance Policies, Says The I.I.I. | III

According to this article, winter storms are unpredictable – insurance is not. We’ve found some claims are handled differently than others. That said, the best way to deal with winter storm damage to your signs is to PREVENT it. If you haven’t had regular inspections and maintenance performed on your exterior signs in the past 6-12 months, give us a call now. It might prevent a panicky call (and extended headaches) later.

ROI Calculator 2

Rebranding with new signage? Start here to get estimated figures for your 2018 planning/budgeting process.

SA’s Sign Manufacturing Day Draws 2,600 Students to Learn More about Careers in the Sign, Graphics and Visual Communications Industry

Some 2,630 students of all ages visited sign, graphics and visual communications companies as part of Sign Manufacturing Day 2016. Sign Manufacturing Day is sponsored annually on the first Friday in October by the International Sign Association in conjunction with the National Association of Manufacturers. In 2016, 40 companies opened up 46 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Effectively Using Floor Graphics

“Are you really sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling?” — M. C. Escher. When we think of floor graphics, we tend to think of digitally printed adhesive vinyl with a tough laminate stuck to a floor. You are likely very familiar with these applications in various retail settings, and may even have even used some of the great vinyl products available that are specifically designed for this purpose. But there are many more aspects to floor graphics than traditional media and application surfaces.

Shipping Container Restaurants are Opening this Week on the Waterfront

“The kiosks are part of a $100 million in upgrades to the Innovation and Design Building. Mei Mei joins Triangle Coffee and Jubali, which have already opened their shipping container kiosks, according to the Innovation and Design Building website. More shipping container kiosks will open “within the next couple weeks,’’ according to the building’s website. Roxy’s Grilled Cheese confirmed to that it will open Thursday.”

Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Choose window treatments that allow you to use natural light while reducing the heat gained in your house when the weather is warm and lost when it’s cold.

Bad Signs: Back to School, 1st Communion Gowns

Jimmy asks Tonight Show fans to send in photos of funny or weird signs they’ve seen and shares some of his favorite submissions.

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