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Working With General Contractors – Our Safety Program

It’s a little bit too technical for the kind of blog this is primarily intended to be, but for a long time we have wanted to write up something about the extensive efforts we make to keep ourselves qualified for work with General Contractors.

As you may know, GCs on major construction projects are subject to a wide range of standards and specifications that control not only how they operate, but how the subcontractors they hire (that would be us!) must […]

Inside Metro Signs – Jamie Potvin, Designer

For Jamie Potvin, the process starts when information about a new project begins to trickle in through one of the sales team members. Over the next days and weeks, she steeps herself in the client’s history and strategy, various signage suggestions, client and team requests, and specific requirements, as well as any graphic elements such as client logos that are already available. She also likes to look at comparable signage of the same size and classifications that’s already “out there” […]

Inside Metro Signs – Susan MacGregor, Senior Designer

To most of us, beautiful designs just spring full blown from nowhere in particular. But in reality, the polished look of all the objects we see – complete with all the associations each one brings to mind and the various messages and feelings each one conveys – are the result of much hard work by a visually-gifted group of people who work as “designers”.

Metro Sign and Awning is well staffed with a group of designers who routinely make clients’ visions […]

Inside Metro Sign and Awning – Mark Vella, Account Manager

Cabinet maker, sign maker, account manager. Mark Vella is a “hands-on” kind of guy who very much enjoys working with Metro Sign and Awning’s customers, finding out what each one needs in the way of signage, and helping to deliver it.

After a varied career first working with wood, then later with signage materials, Mark found his way to Metro Sign and learned his true calling: making contact and working with contractors, architects, building owners, and just about anyone who has […]

Doing Our Part to Help Boston Grow

Anyone watching NECN, New England Cable News, on January 16, 2014, probably saw its featured story on the Boston metropolitan area’s future growth.

Specifically, the cable news channel covered a Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) report on demographic and economic trends, which calculates the need for some 435,000 new housing units – including affordable apartments, single family homes, condos, townhouses, and even something called “micro units” – by 2040 if our region is going to sustain the record of strong economic […]

Metro Sign and Awning in 2014: Creating Signs to Bring Our Customers’ Message to the Public

Metro Sign and Awning recently added two new talented members to our Project Management Team: Adam Brodeur and Tom Rogers.

Adam comes to Metro with a strong background in the service industry, having previously supported a customer service team with great success. We like Adam’s unswerving attention to detail, along with his ability to ‘get the job done.’ With Adam on board, we further increase our confidence that our customers will receive the extremely high level of support we insist on […]

Metro Sign & Awning 2013: The Year in Review

What a great year! Despite all the turmoil and difficulties for Boston, the northeastern U.S., and the world at large, we at Metro Sign and Awning have enjoyed the opportunity to meet the year’s challenges, to grow, to serve, and to do our bit to make the world a better place.

Some of our more exciting and successful 2013 projects include:

The Forum Restaurant: After the horrific events of Marathon Monday and the destruction that took place outside one of our valued […]

Inside Metro Sign and Awning – Craig Wondrasch, Cost Estimator / Purchasing Manager

Although the products rolling out the big door are nearly always “one of a kind,” and often highly artistic or creative, at the base of it all, Metro Sign and Awning operates around a factory. Every day, artisans and support staff deal in actual, physical goods that have to be cut, bent, shaped, carved, welded, sanded, finished, painted, and more.

Nothing happens until that material and the requisite supplies for the various manufacturing processes are procured. So in a real sense, […]

Signage Scam Stresses Small Business Owner

Signage Scam Stresses Small Business Owner

If you can’t trust your sign-maker, who can you trust?

That’s what Shay Kindle, owner of a do-it-yourself workshop in Lubbock, TX, is wondering after a run-in with a sales rep who scammed her, big time, on what should have been a simple, affordable, and effective signage project.

In May, 2013, Shay found herself targeted by local representatives of Signtronix, a national company. The smooth-talking sales rep proposed to fabricate and install an electronic sign to promote […]

Wayfinding Signs Key Part of National Cemetery Expansion Project

Metro Sign and Awning is immensely proud and honored that we were selected to partner with general contractor Spanish Springs Construction to provide all the wayfinding signs at the completely refurbished Bourne National Cemetery on Cape Cod. Bourne National Cemetery is one of only 122 official interment sites for our nation’s brave veterans.

For most people visiting a national cemetery – understandably coping with a powerful mixture of pride, grief and distress – it can be difficult to keep your wits […]

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