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In May we were helping brand the National Education for Assistance Dog Services (NEADS) non-profit canine center just in time for their grand opening. 

And speaking of furry, four-legged friends, most of the signs you see around a lion’s living quarters say “Beware” or “Danger.” Our client, The Ecotarium Museum of Science and Nature, wanted just the opposite: a warm, inviting archway to welcome visitors to their new wildcat exhibit. We did not disappoint!

A Pet Project

The NEADS non-profit canine center in Princeton, Massachusetts, provides dogs for the deaf, disabled, veterans, children with autism, classrooms, hospitals, courthouses, mental health practices, ministries and prisons. Their puppies are provided by breeders and animal shelter rescues around the country.

When they came to us, we were eager to assist a group that does so much to help others with this design/build project. The folks at NEADS had an idea of the type of signs they wanted and where the various signs should go. We surveyed the site and offered some ideas. Next, our Sales Group rounded up the client’s logo, layouts and existing images and asked the design staff to generate conceptual drawings. Then, the approved designs were submitted to our talented graphics and fabrication team. 

Metro Sign & AwningWe helped with the exterior and interior branding, designing modern donor recognition plaques and adding the final touches to the facility’s major renovation and vehicle graphics. At the end, nobody was in the doghouse because we had it all ready in only 4 short weeks–just in time for their grand opening celebration.

The Sign of the Lion

The Ecotarium Museum of Science and Nature in Worcester, Massachusetts, wanted a statement entryway announcing their exciting live animal habitat, Wildcat Station. This is the home of two mountain lions, roaming the grasslands, trees and rocky alcoves. 

Metro Sign & Awning braved the wild to get involved with this “ferocious” undertaking. Engaging our in-house engineering and artists, we were able to construct and install Ecotarium’s new contoured, multi-dimensional gateway sign with gigantic steel posts. 

Metro Sign & AwningThe museum team initially provided a layout showing the concept and enlisted our help in finding the most economical fabrication. We came up with some ways we could deliver big dreams within budget and on time. Speaking of time…we normally needed a five to six week lead time, but with everyone working long and hard, we turned it into a two-week project. The result was an impactful, upscale, high-quality structure that will last for decades. When it came time to send the public to the lions, everyone arriving saw a spectacular gate fit for a king (of the jungle.)

The sign business offers a never-ending opportunity to light the way for customers, visitors, clients, employees and even some furry friends. Give us a call or visit our website for ways a great sign can make you stand out.

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