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The Briar Group, one of our long-term customers, was looking to open a new restaurant and bar featuring live music at Patriot’s Place in Foxborough, Massachusetts.  We were thrilled to be called on for this challenging new venture, Six String Grill & Stage. They requested production, design and installation services from us based on conceptual layouts. One wrinkle was that the original as-built building drawings were no longer available. However, we were able to collaborate with several of the original stakeholders to fully grasp the desired look and design specs. With a few engineering challenges and a short lead time, this ended up being an exciting project we won’t soon forget.

Metro Sign and Awning

Creating the “Wow” Factor

The Briar Group’s design firm, Assembly Design Studio, came up with the conceptual design for the Six String Grill & Stage. Our job was to take that vision and bring it to life. We needed to create something that could be manufactured and installed with a “wow” factor equal to the look and energy of the Six String Grill & Stage. 

We worked with the general contractor and engineering firm to identify wall details so the engineering support for the signage would be safe and stable. The Six String Grill & Stage plans called for: 

Metro Sign and Awning
  • Three 17’ high multi-dimensional marquee wall signs with faux corten backer cabinets, aged black cabinets to support the illuminated white channel letters.
  • A 22’wide x 4’ high internally illuminated reader board cabinet 
  • A 40” round internally illuminated blade sign 
  • Interior vinyl graphics

Metro Sign and Awning Rises to the Challenge

Even though our engineering skills were tested, we loved every minute of the project. Our biggest challenge was the height of the exterior blade sign since it extended so far above the roofline. The fact that the original as-built drawings were no longer available took this challenge to a new level. We turned to other key groups involved with the project for assistance: 

  • Kraft Group, the property owners 
  • Cafco Construction, the general contractor 
  • McNamara & Salvia, the owner’s engineering firm
  • Murdoch Engineering, the signage engineer 

With a collaborative effort from this distinguished team of experts, Metro Sign & Awning was able to ensure the structural support necessary to install the signage we fabricated. 

Creating an Old Look with New Technology

Metro Sign and Awning

One key element of the job was learning a new process for creating the “aged” look. For the background cabinet of the marquee signs, we used an exciting product. Due to the weight implications of using actual steel, we worked with a new alternative process for lighter aluminum that still gave us the retro design the client envisioned. We applied a special paint with a rust activator on the aluminum and then used clear-coat to seal in the “rusted” effect. This provided the appearance of real Corten Steel without the mess of dripping rust or the heavier weight of that rugged material. 

Sprinting Across the Finish Line

Due to factors beyond our control, we worked under a highly condensed timetable to fabricate and install signage before the grand opening. Metro worked around the clock leading up to the big event to complete the project on time. With great communication and a team dedicated to problem-solving to meet our client’s expectations, we delivered signage that aligned with Six String Grill & Stage’s retro look with modern, lightweight materials.

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