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How Much Does a Sign Cost?

What Return on Investment Will I Get From a New Sign?

Among the most common questions people ask when they contemplate purchasing a new sign or upgrading an existing one are:

  • How much does a business, building or store sign cost?
  • What is this sign worth?
  • Will I get a good return on this investment in signage?
  • Is this the best use of my money?

These are fair questions, and The Return on Sign Investment Calculator above is a sophisticated tool that accepts a variety of information about a sign’s prices, operating expenses, and exposure, and produces hard numbers reflecting the sign’s return on investment for the business.

There are two primary ways of thinking about this kind of calculation:

  1. Comparing a sign to other forms of advertising.
  2. Comparing a sign to other business investments.

This calculator provides results for both forms of analyses, and thereby allows you to more intelligently factor your spending on new or upgraded signage into your business’s overall spending plans.

Why a New or Improved Sign?

Because business signs really impact buyer behavior, according to this recent survey by FedEx:

  • Nearly eight out of 10 American consumers will enter a store for the first time simply on the basis of its signs.
  • Nearly seven out of 10 admit to having made a purchase under the influence of signage.
  • Nearly seven out of ten consumers (in this study, and nearly ninety percent in a previous FedEx study) also rely on a store's signage to help them judge the quality of its products or services. 
  • On average, respondents to the FedEx signage survey suggested that a store should have at least two or three signs displayed near its entrance. 
  • Three out of four consumers say they have passed on to others their impressions about a particular retail establishment just because they like its signage.

Business Value of Signage (Infographic)

Click to see an Infographic that discusses the economic value of on-premise signage:

Click to see entire Infographic