Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Obviously, there are good reasons why many municipalities don’t allow roof mounted signage, and why virtually all municipalities that do allow roof-mounted signage require an Engineered Stamped Drawing, or ESD, before a permit is issued.

An ESD shows that a licensed engineer has calculated anticipated wind and snow loads and verified that the proposed sign, mounting hardware, and installation will withstand the weather forces it’s likely to be subjected to.

Fallen signs like this one, fortunately, are not terribly common in the Boston Metro area. This photo illustrates the tremendous liability posed by roof-mounted signs for store owners, property managers, and landlords.

Metro Sign technicians are available for emergency sign service. If you’re concerned about a loose panel, or suspect any part of your exterior signage may have been compromised by this season’s wind and snow, contact us at 617-830-4555. When it comes to safe sign installations, we’re your partner – come rain, or shine, or Nemo.

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Just in case you were wondering, the sign in the photo above was not designed or installed by anyone here. And – the best news is – no one was hurt by this falling sign.