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How Much Does a Sign Cost Calculator

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What does a sign cost?

Compared to what?

A Superbowl commercial spot? Promotional giveaways? Couponing?

A sign works for you and your business 24/7. The impression your sign makes is a strong and lasting one. And signage can benefit your business in surprising ways.

Familiar Signs Are Good, Overlooked Signs Are Not

Individual drivers and pedestrians may encounter your sign 10-20 times a week. Seeing a sign regularly makes people become comfortable with your sign (and your business). They may even think of it as a neighbor.

Signs can generate word of mouth and referral business simply because people feel comfortable with what is familiar to them.

On the other hand, you don’t want your sign to become “part of the landscape,” easily overlooked.  This is why sign design and expert construction is important.

High-quality commercial and business signage requires planning and investment – you don’t want your sign to be confusing or look unprofessional.

How Much Does A Sign Cost Calculator

When it’s time to consider your investment in signage, we’re here to help. We also offer a convenient, free tool to start the planning process.

You can use the Sign Cost Calculator here to start your sign planning process today.

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