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5 Business Benefits of Custom Interior Signs

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When opening and running a business, one of the biggest mistakes people make is neglecting their interior signs. Avoid doing yourself this disservice: learn exactly how big a difference interior signs can make for your customers, visitors—and your bottom line.

Why Interior Signs?

You’ve realized already that most of your customers need some kind of outdoor sign to find your business. But, once customers or visitors have walked through your doors, interior signs take over. Serving as a kind of silent salesperson, guide, and reputation booster, the interior signs help you lead your visitors once they have gathered inside your store or business.

Interior signs do this by performing one or more of five distinct functions.

1. Wayfinding

Wayfinding signs direct the flow of interior traffic. They designate restrooms, stairwells, exits, conference rooms, and other important places. This is essential for day-to-day navigation and also for safety in case of an emergency.
When you take the simple step of customizing your interior wayfinding signage, you can also use it to start a sense of wonder. For example, one of our clients used interior signage that said “the plot thickens” as an interior wayfinding sign on a staircase to show that their upper level was worth visiting.

custom interior sign design steps

2. Making a 3D Impact

Dimensional lettering and wall signs instantly become a focal point of your space, creating a polished and lasting impression. Possibilities include floating illuminated logos and a sophisticated presentation of your company’s core values.

3. Compliance

In 1992, the Americans with Disabilities Act set a standard for businesses to follow to ensure their facilities are accessible to people with disabilities. One of the most important parts of this is the requirement for specific signage in commercial spaces, including designations of wheelchair accessibility, to be ADA compliant Individual signs must also follow certain design codes, which include aspects like where the sign is placed on a wall, where the braille translation is located, and which typeface is used.

custom interior wayfinding sign

Although you can find off-the-shelf signs that are compliant with the ADA, many businesses order custom sets to match their branding. That’s because customers see the generic ones everywhere, and it makes your store seem more successful and attentive to detail when your signs are perfectly fitted to your interior space and decor. At a low cost, you can use your required ADA signs to also add a sense of permanence and uniqueness to your store.

4. Providing Information

Custom interior signs are a perfect way to present information to visitors with a beautiful and on-brand approach. They’re popular with cafes and restaurants since custom menus are an awesome way to whet customers’ appetites. Elegant informational signs can also be used to highlight your company’s history and recognize donors or other people who are important to your organization.

5. Creating an Uplifting Atmosphere

Of more than 100,000 shoppers, nearly 86% agreed that in addition to identifying a business, signs can convey its personality or character. This means that you can use interior signs to inspire positive emotions in shoppers—and when people feel good inside your business, it’s good for your business.

By the way, interior signs can create an uplifting atmosphere for staff, too. Unique vinyl graphics are popular for this purpose because they’re a great way to enshrine your company’s culture in your physical office and make the interior of your space feel special. In an award-winning project for Dynatrace, we created 13 larger-than-life sports graphics designs for the interiors of the office’s 13 meeting rooms. Now, Dynatrace has fun reference names for scheduling the rooms and a beautiful custom environment for their sports-loving team.

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